Our story

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In 1992, Kmart was restructured to create a specialist and autonomous division of Kmart – Kmart Tyre & Auto Service. Back then, we had just 132 stores, but we’ve now grown to over 260. In 2018, Continental AG purchased Kmart Tyre & Auto Service and changed the name to mycar. We may have a new name, but we still offer the same incredible value and each store continues to be run by a dedicated team of trained technicians and is an important part of the local community.

Investing in the future of australian car servicing and repairs

We've invested heavily in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, improved workshop designs and reception refurbishment. We also work hard to minimise our environmental impact.

Investing in people

Without a doubt, our biggest investment is in our most valuable resource – our team. We're proud to train our team to new and higher industry standards in service quality.

With over 1,300 employees nationally, we’re one of the largest employers in the automotive service and repair industry, and we’re also the largest single employer of apprentice motor mechanics in Australia.

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Our vision

To be the team everyone trusts with their cars.