We’re not just building a great brand. We’re building great relationships.

Whenever you bring your car to mycar, you can trust that we have your best interests and safety at heart. We always put people first, and go out of our way to ensure that you leave completely satisfied, every time.

Our story

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service has long stood as one of Australia’s largest tyre, automotive service and repair businesses. Last year, we announced a nationwide rebrand to mycar in June of 2019. The Kmart Tyre & Auto Service stores adopted a fresh new look under the mycar name, with our locations rebranded by mid-September of that year.

Our people

Without a doubt, our biggest investment is in our team. We're proud to train our staff to new and higher industry standards in service quality. The first thing they learn is that customers come first.

With over 1,300 employees nationally, we’re one of the largest employers in the automotive service and repair industry, and we’re also the largest single employer of apprentice motor mechanics in Australia.

If you’d like to speak to someone in our careers department, then please call us on
(02) 9680 6507

For enquiries about apprenticeships, call us on (02) 9680 6538.

Senior leadership role responsible for maximising performance of the ten to twelve stores within their region, with a focus on development and engagement of store managers and teams. Responsible for complying with company policies and procedures, industrial awards and agreements and relevant regulatory standards.
This role is designed as a pathway to the Operations Manager role and is responsible for the performance of a smaller cluster of stores, including the development and engagement of store managers and their teams. The Cluster Manager covers for Store Manager holidays to ensure continued performance, and compliance with company policies and procedures, industrial awards and agreements and relevant regulatory standards.
Responsible for the customer and employee experience within their store, and for ensuring that the mycar business strategy and initiatives are effectively implemented. Managers build long term trusting customer relationships by providing honest advice and ensuring the delivery of high quality work. Managers are also responsible for the financial and operational performance of the store within the business guidelines.
To assist the Store Manager by supporting the mycar business strategy and ensuring initiatives are effectively implemented. 2IC assumes all responsibilities in the manager’s absence. Responsible to undertake efficient high quality mechanical work themselves and ensure that the highest standard of quality workmanship is being produced by the store, through effective supervision and training of all team members. 2ICs are responsible for contributing to the financial and operational performance of the store.
Responsible for maximising mycar sales through efficient professional workmanship, safe, complete inspections and thorough reporting of work required and undertaken on a customer vehicle.
Responsible for acquiring and applying the skills and knowledge required during their training in a safe, professional and customer focused manner.
Responsible for applying the skills and knowledge related to fitting or replacing tyres, front end inspections, wheel alignments and basic workshop operations in a safe, professional and customer focused manner.

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We understand we have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environment. We’re working hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are involved in a number of green initiatives across Australia.


We run a recycling program in each of our stores across Australia. We use accredited recycling companies who collect the following waste materials:

  • Tyres
  • Oils, coolants and lubricants
  • Steel
  • Lead weights
  • Batteries
  • Paper
  • We also ensure all water used in our stores is treated, using oily water separators, before being expelled

Our commitment to responsible recycling of end-of-life tyres can be further demonstrated with the participation in the Tyre Stewardship Australia Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the amount of end of life tyres damaging the environment, via landfill, illegal dumping and undesirable export, while increasing the recycling rate of end-of-life tyres. All of our tyres are recycled by Tyrecycle, Australia’s largest tyre collector, recycler and disposer. At mycar we offer FREE tyre disposal with the purchase of any tyre.

Modern Slavery Statement

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