Continental ContiSeal Technology - Don’t let a small puncture stop a great trip.

Last updated 30/10/2020

At mycar we put people first and that is one of the reasons we store tyres brands like Continental Tyres as they a known for safety and performance.

Continental’s ContiSeal technology means that for small punctures, the tyre seals itself and you can continue driving until you can visit your local mycar tyre store to have the tyre checked and a tyre repair if necessary.

Sealing punctures with advanced ContiSeal™ technology.


  • ContiSeal™ reduces the consequences of tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (e.g. nail damage) are sealed immediately thanks to a unique technology
  • Constant mobility and unaltered mileage – no need for an immediate stop or roadside tyre change
  • Unrestricted driving performance identical to that of a tyre without ContiSeal™ technology under normal operation


The serial tyre which seals punctures itself.


ContiSeal™ is a technology developed by Continental designed to seal a damaged tyre tread. In case of penetration by foreign objects such as nails, there is no need for immediate roadside tyre changes, and holes remain sealed even if the puncturing object becomes dislodged.

ContiSeal™ is a sticky, viscous sealant layer. It is applied to the inside of the tyre in the tread area. ContiSeal™ seals 80% of all tyre punctures and therefore reduces the risk of flat tyres. ContiSeal™ tyres are marked clearly with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available rims.


The Continental Principle

Standard Tyre (Deflated)

When a puncture occurs on a standard tyre, the sidewall can get crushed between the rim and the road, leading to a potentially dangerous situation such as a blowout or the tyre slipping off the rim.

Standard Tyre Deflated

ContiSeal™ (Punctured)

A ContiSeal™ tyre contains a sticky, viscous sealant layer that covers the inside of the tyre tread. It provides an almost instantaneous seal around any penetrating object (up to 5 mm in diameter in the tread area), trapping the air inside and keeping the tyre inflated and your car mobile.

Continental Tyre ContiSeal

Want new Continental tyres with ContiSeal technology for your car?

mycar has a wide range of Continental Tyres for cars, SUVs and 4x4. Our pricing includes tyre fitting, environmentally friendly old tyre disposal, the mycar price guarantee, Flybuys points for every dollar spent and selected tyres qualify for our Tyre Care Plan.

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