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Last updated 01/06/2020

To make it easier to do business with us, our fleet customers can now book on-line! Our Online Booking System, designed to give users the simplest possible way to make instantly confirmed online bookings is available for your drivers right now.


Whilst the solution is stylish and simple to use, in the backend the system is highly sophisticated in terms of guiding the driver through the process of selecting the right service or tyres for their vehicles.

Our booking system has been designed to give drivers real time confirmation of booking based on availability of the selected store. The schedule for the store is shown to the driver in a clear and easy to read calendar format and the driver can choose a date that best suits their visit to the store. The booking tool will also automatically email the driver a booking confirmation email once the booking has been confirmed and sends an SMS booking reminder on day before the day of the booking.

Our booking form can be used across web and mobile devices and can be implemented easily into existing websites. The booking engine can be integrated with the following methods:

  1. -          A hyperlink to the booking engine on our website
  2. -          An iframe (sitting within a page on your current website)

The system is fully secure and will require you to gain access before you proceed.

If you wish to gain access for your drivers or for further information please contact your mycar Business Development Manager

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