Lullaby Ready Inspection

We understand how challenging it can be to put your baby to sleep, which is why we’ve launched a free “Lullaby Ready” inspection* to provide recommendations on how to make your car run as smoothly as possible. With over 96% of Australians driving an extra 1,500km per year to help put their baby to sleep, we understand the importance of the role your car can play.

Book your free “Lullaby Ready” inspection today by calling our friendly team on 1300 772 579 or visiting one of our 260 convenient stores.

At mycar we challenged our technicians to service a car so smoothly that it could put a baby to sleep. Check out our video to see how we did!

Do you struggle to put your baby to sleep?

Well, you aren’t alone! According to research+ we commissioned, 96% of Australian parents are driving up to an hour or 30km per week in an effort to settle their tiny tots. That equates to a total of driving 1,500km per year.

What’s included in the free inspection?

Our free “Lullaby Ready” inspection* will check various components of your vehicle, and provide recommendations on how to get your car running as smoothly as possible. This includes:

  • Topping up your washer fluid
  • Checking your lights
  • Inspecting your tyre condition
  • Checking your seatbelts
  • Checking your oil level

We will use car mats and seat covers during our check to keep your car clean and turn off your radio so there are no loud surprises!

At mycar, it is the little things that count and show that "we're here for you."

Infant Sleep Consultant, Jo Ryan

“For many caregivers, sleep-related issues are among the biggest daily challenges during the baby and toddler years. Every baby is different, but driving can mimic some of the characteristics of being in the womb, which includes constant, gentle, rocking motions and a muffled white noise sound. It’s also the light sway and low-level movement that has a really calming effect on babies.”

Lullaby Ready inspection

Terms and conditions

+ The research was conducted by PureProfile, with a nationally representative sample size of 1001 men and women from Australia with children under 5, commissioned by mycar.
* Only checks will be conducted. If additional work is required, this will be charged at the RRP. Does not include the checking, adjustment or mounting of baby seats.