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mycar Advice provides you with the information you need to keep your car in tip top shape; with maintenance advice, what sort of tyres suit your car best and guides on when it is time to visit a mycar expert. Plus the latest in car industry news including how to start your auto career at mycar.

Car Industry mycar News 23 June 2022

mycar unveils EV ready technicians and workshops

mycar embraces next generation of vehicle ownership with electric vehicle (EV) servicing options ...

Tyre Maintenance: Have you been caring for your rubber?

The words “car safety” might make you picture airbags and seatbelts, but tyres are just as ...

Inside Your Car 2 June 2022

Why is your car losing power?

  Is your car not responding how it should? If you’re trying to put the pedal to the metal, ...

Inside Your Car 30 May 2022

Car Parts 101: Rotors and brake pads

  Does your car squeal in protest each time you hit the brakes? While some noise doesn’t ...

mycar News 2 May 2022

mycar opens in Harrisdale, expanding its Western Australian footprint

  Today marks the opening of mycar’s Harrisdale store, the fourth new store launch for mycar...

Inside Your Car 19 April 2022

5 Signs Your Starter Motor Problem Will Lead to Starter Motor Failure

  The car’s packed, the boat and trailer are hooked up and you’ve finally managed to ...

How to wash a car top to bottom

  Your car is grubby enough to sketch a whole scene on the back window. Maybe it was some off-...

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