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mycar Advice provides you with the information you need to keep your car in tip top shape; with maintenance advice, what sort of tyres suit your car best and guides on when it is time to visit a mycar expert. Plus the latest in car industry news including how to start your auto career at mycar.

Outside Your Car 17 March 2021

Are Second Hand Tyres Worth the Risk?

Oh, damn. You’ve punctured a tyre and your spare won’t stand up to long term driving. Although ...

Caring for Your Car 29 April 2020

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Save yourself some time and money by following our DIY maintenance tips for your tyres, fluids, ...

Outside Your Car 1 June 2020

Car Lights and Reflectors

A broken bumper light leaves your vehicle at increased likelihood of collision. Next to your ...

Inside Your Car 29 April 2020

Carbon Build Up in Engines

We need air to function and your car is no different. Every time you press the accelerator pedal...

Inside Your Car 7 July 2021

Change your Vehicle Transmission Fluid like a Pro

When it comes to owning a car, staying up-to-date with routine maintenance should be well… routine...

Child Safety and Entertainment

Travelling with kids? try these top ten winning ideas for keeping the little ones safe and ...

Outside Your Car 1 June 2020

Consideration when Buying Tyres

With dozens of tyre manufactures, walking into a mycar to replace your tyres might seem a ...

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