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Car Industry 1 June 2020

Women in the Driving Seat

What should women ask for and be aware of when they put their car in for a service or repairs...

Outside Your Car 1 June 2020

Windscreen Clean and Clear

Wiper arm assembly and refills The wiper arm assembly, which should be replaced every 75,000kms ...

Outside Your Car 1 June 2020

Wheels and Tyres

Keeping your wheels and tyres in tip top condition is the best way to guarantee safe driving ...

Outside Your Car 1 June 2020

Wheel Alignment v Wheel Balance

What is a wheel balance? Every time a new tyre gets fitted to a wheel it must be rebalanced. If...

16 September 2021

What's the difference between a mobile mechanic and a workshop?

  We’re all guilty of it. You reach forward and turn the radio up a little louder to drown ...

Car Industry 1 June 2020

Vehicle Data Sharing Becomes a Reality

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Choice of Repairer campaign launched in...

Understanding Different Types of Petrol

No doubt you have been standing in front of a petrol pump thinking ‘should I use regular or ...

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