Car Ownership Advice

Owning or buying a car can be overwhelming, to make it easier we have compiled a number of resources to help you through the different aspects of car ownership. Our guides are there to help you, but if you require further information our mycar experts are here to help.

Car Ownership Advice 9 November 2021

Hybrid car Vs Electric Car: Which One Suits You?

  Are you hoping to take your commitment to sustainable living one step further and save money...

How to choose a driving instructor

  Learning to drive is no easy task. You’re always thinking about the road rules, other ...

How to change your windscreen wipers

  The last thing you want when driving on the freeway is blurred and streaky vision. With ...

Car Ownership Advice 1 June 2020

Understanding Differences in Vehicle Warranties

The ACCC is making it easier to understand new car warranties and if consumers need to return to...

Child Safety and Entertainment

Travelling with kids? try these top ten winning ideas for keeping the little ones safe and ...

Understanding Different Types of Petrol

No doubt you have been standing in front of a petrol pump thinking ‘should I use regular or ...

Car Ownership Advice 1 June 2020

Number Plates and Identification

In this section, you’ll find information about everything from licence plate standards through...

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