Car Industry 29 October 2020

Continental UltraContact UC6 Tyre - When Safety is Essential

At mycar we put people first and that is one of the reasons we store tyres brands like Continental Tyres as they a known for safety and performance. The Continental UltraContact UC6 tyre is one of our most popular premium tyres.

The Continental UltraContact UC6 Tyre Technical Features

Reduced risk of aquaplaning

Improved safety on wet roads thanks to the Aqua Channels that accelerates water evacuation into the main grooves of the tyre. Reduced risk of aquaplaning thanks to the Aqua Drainage elements that are strategically position to quickly move the water through a tube system into the tyre grooves.

Diamond Edge Pattern

The Diamond Edge Pattern maximised contact with the road when braking resulting in improved braking performance in both wet and dry road conditions.

New noise breaker technology

New noise breaker technology that interrupts the sound waves in the grooves of the tyre resulting in a quieter, more comfortable driving experience.

State of the art “Diamond Blend Compound”

State of the art “Diamond Blend Compound” technology contains more strands of grip polymers, which absorb more energy when driving that results in the required heat build up to generate improved levels of grip and safety. Added to the compound are mileage-polymers that ensure good mileage performance.


Want new Continental UltraContact UC6 tyres for your car?

mycar has a wide range of Continental Tyres for cars, SUVs and 4x4. Our pricing includes tyre fitting, environmentally friendly old tyre disposal, the mycar price guarantee, Flybuys points for every dollar spent and selected tyres qualify for our Tyre Care Plan. If you fancy some UltraContact U6's on your car, you can find them here.

Find the mycar tyre shop near me for new tyres

If your car needs new tyres you can now buy and book your tyre fitting online, at one of over 260 convenient locations around Australia. We also have a mobile tyre service in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that can come to you at home or work. If you would prefer to talk to one of our tyre experts call 13 13 28 or find your nearest mycar tyre shop.

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