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How to become mechanic in Australia


Do you love getting your hands dirty under the hood of a car? Does the idea of replacing a dodgy alternator or squeaky brakes excite you? If so, a career as a mechanic may be the right choice for you.

An interest in all things automotive is a great place to start, but you’ll need to combine that with formal training to make a career out of your passion. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about how to become a mechanic.

What is a mechanic?

Mechanics maintain the vehicles we rely on everyday, acting as the first (and sometimes last) point of call when something goes wrong. They service, diagnose and perform repair work on passenger cars and light trucks, making use of their evolving knowledge during every appointment.

What does a mechanic do?

  • Detect and diagnose faults in car parts

  • Repair and replace worn, defective and busted parts

  • Perform scheduled maintenance services like oil changes

  • Testing mechanic parts after repair

  • Diagnosing and testing components

  • Vehicle inspections and roadworthy certificates.

What qualifications do you need to be a mechanic?

Many soon-to-be mechanics begin their training with a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, bringing the world of tyres and grease into the classroom to get the basics of mechanical work down. Others start with a Certificate III instead, usually through a registered training organisation - most people study through their local TAFE or a private RTO. While book work is essential in itself, most of these qualifications are generally part of an apprenticeship!

How to get a mechanic apprenticeship

Ask around. Approach your local garage or workshop and check if they have any openings or organise a placement through your chosen training organisation. You don’t need experience to begin a car apprenticeship, only the passion to see it through!

How long is a mechanic apprenticeship in Australia

Most apprenticeships run from three to four years, giving you time to become confident in tackling any kind of car issue.

Skills every mechanic needs to succeed

  • Diagnostic and mechanical skills. In-depth knowledge of the different car parts will help mechanics confidently and quickly diagnose and address car-related woes.

  • Adaptability. Mechanics develop the skills to be flexible to evolve right alongside the industry.

  • Communication. Being able to relay information to the customer is an important part of the job.

  • Problem-solving. No two mechanical issues will be the same. Being able to think on your feet and come up with a solution is an important skill.

  • Technological fluency. Mechanics use a wide range of equipment to help diagnose an issue.

Choosing the right mechanic job for you

Mechanic is an umbrella term! There’s different types and a range of specialisations. While your mind may change a few times during your apprenticeship, keep the following questions in mind to help guide your way:

  • Are you interested in certain types of vehicles?

  • Are you interested in electrical issues?

  • Do you want to specialise, or be an allrounder?

  • Are tyres more your thing?

  • Do you see yourself in a garage, on a worksite, or solving problems in the industrial sector?

While you think about how those questions land, take a look at some of these mechanic careers:

  • Automotive mechanic. Work on light vehicles including parts like engine and suspension systems.

  • Air Conditioner Mechanic. Work on the air conditioning systems.

  • Electrical Mechanic. Specialise to diagnose common electrical issues like faulty fuses or blown lights.

  • Brake Specialists. Diagnose and repair common brake system issues.

  • Diesel Mechanic. Work on diesel engines.

How much does a mechanic earn in Australia?

Mechanic Salary (Average)*
Low $54,921
Average $67,218
High $82,841


Want more information? Contact our Recruitment team. But what about when you first start out?

How much will you make as an apprentice?

Apprentice Mechanic Salary (Average)*
Low $13 per hour
Average $22 per hour
High $36 per hour


As the field continues to evolve, the demand for mechanics has never been higher. Changing technologies and equipment are opening up new doors to mechanics to specialise. Are you ready to start your career as a mechanic? Talk to your local mycar or search our mechanic jobs online.

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