Caring for Your Car

Regular car maintanence can save you money down the road by preventing issues before they arise. Follow our car maintanence tips to help you keep your car in great shape between scheduled services.

How to wash a car top to bottom

  Your car is grubby enough to sketch a whole scene on the back window. Maybe it was some off-...

How to clean your car seats

  From general dust and dirt to crumbs to that takeaway lunch you munched on the go, car seats...

Can you do your own brake pad replacement?

  It might seem obvious, but the importance of keeping your brakes in top condition can’t be...

Is my windscreen repairable?

  Whether you call it a windscreen or a windshield, this piece of glass has a pretty important...

mycar becomes exclusive service and warranty provider for AusMV Australia

The new partnership will see mycar provide AusMV customers with all ongoing service and warranty ...

Caring for Your Car 7 October 2021

How often should you service your car if it rarely leaves home?

  Servicing is a great way to keep your car ship-shape and avoid major damage down the road. ...

How to change your windscreen wipers

  The last thing you want when driving on the freeway is blurred and streaky vision. With ...

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