16 September 2021

What's the difference between a mobile mechanic and a workshop?


We’re all guilty of it. You reach forward and turn the radio up a little louder to drown out those loud rattles. No it’s at the stage where you can’t ignore it a day longer. Finally, you cave and stop putting off a trip to the car doctor. It’s a sure way to derail your day. You have to find the time to head into a car mechanic, find a way back home, only to have to return later and pick your car up. If you’re lucky the repairs will only take a few hours - sometimes it can take the whole day. Wouldn’t it just make more sense for the mechanic to come to you? Now they will! Like knights in a shining van, mobile mechanics are stepping in to save the day.

What are the benefits of a mobile mechanic?

Mobile mechanics are all about convenience. They can take care of all things related to your vehicle that a general car service mechanic can - there’s just no need to take your car into a workshop. Instead, a car mobile mechanic will work from your home or workplace. Armed with a van of tools and equipment, mobile mechanics can confidently tackle almost every repair problem, from dodgy spark plugs to an oil and filter change while also performing preventive maintenance and general servicing. If you’re after the cheapest car mechanic, mobile may be the way to go. Without the cost of overheads, they’ll generally charge less than a workshop.

They also come with other great benefits like:

  • Direct communication. You can be assured that you’re getting the best work because you can see it! Plus, if an unexpected repair pops up, you’re right there for the mechanic to talk to. No need for missed calls or delays!
  • One-on-one service. There’s no waiting for your turn. Once they’re on site, a mobile mechanic’s focus is solely on your car which means the work can be completed quicker.
  • Emergency repairs. Don’t risk driving your car and causing more damage. You can leave your car as is with a mobile mechanic able to help with emergency repairs. They also help avoid a towing fee!

Can a mobile mechanic really beat a workshop?

It may look like it, but a mobile mechanic’s van isn’t a bottomless pit. There isn’t always room for every single tool that’s needed for every car mechanic repair job. Speciality equipment for more complex jobs may not make the cut. More often than not, the mobile mechanic will have the tools, it might just be stored elsewhere.

There are also limitations around the space mobile mechanics have to work. Some labour-intensive jobs may require your car to be on a hoist for a long period of time. For those repairs, you might need to head to a workshop.

How does a traditional car mechanic workshop stack up?

While a mobile mechanic can save time and is often the choice for those after a cheap car mechanic, sometimes you just can’t beat the original thing. There are plenty of benefits to a workshop still.

  • Everything is in one place. There will be no running to get a part of a tool left behind at the workshop. Plus, some labour-intensive jobs will require your car to be on a hoist for some time.
  • All the parts are on hand. It’s unlikely you’ll be waiting for a mechanic to get something in stock, and if you do have to wait, it’s unlikely you’ll be waiting for long.
  • It’s a one-stop-mechanic shop. Not only do workshops have parts, but also the people with an auto mechanic and diesel car mechanic on hand, ready to take care of your car no matter what type it is.
  • Other mechanics are there to give a helping hand. Some jobs require an extra set of hands to help. Whether it’s lifting a part of help to hold it in place, there’s always someone to help at a workshop.
  • A workshop is a practical place to work. Having work done in a workshop avoids spills or damage to your driveway or garage.

When it comes to choosing between a workshop and a mobile mechanic, it’s down to convenience. If you are looking for a mechanic near you, we have you covered with over 270 stores around Australia. Some of our workshops are even starting to roll out mobile services like mycar tyre fittings and tyre repairs. Our Mobile Tyre Fitting Teams will come to you. We’re here to look after you - no matter the location. Call 13 13 28 to see if we can come to you today.

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