Car Ownership Advice 14 January 2022

Pink Slip vs Blue Slip NSW


Whether you’re buying or selling a car, or simply renewing your registration, if you’re in NSW there’s a good chance you will need to have the car inspected first. Struggling to get a handle on the difference between a pink slip and blue slip and what your obligations are? We have the lowdown on safety inspections and what you need to do to ensure your car meets key safety requirements. Read on to find out more.

What is a pink slip?

Also known as an eSafety certificate or a roadworthy certificate, a pink slip – which has little to do with the colour of the paper – is a report from your mechanic to say that your car is in safe, drivable condition. If you are registering a car older than 5 years in NSW, you will need to get a pink slip first. You may also need one when renewing your registration each year; your registration renewal notice will let you know. Pink slips are valid for 6 months from date of issue (so you have 6 months from the date of the pink slip to renew the registration on your car) and you can get one at any Authorised Inspection Station (AIS), including your local mycar service centre.

Pink slip requirements

Let’s face it, when you’re on the road there’s nothing more important than your safety, and that of other drivers around you. Pink slip inspections help to ensure that every car on the road is in safe, working condition. If any issues are found during the inspection, your mechanic will run you through what repairs need to take place before they can pass your vehicle and issue your pink slip. Some of the things they will check include:

Find a pink slip inspection near me

What is a blue slip?

A blue slip is similar to a pink slip, as it also entails a detailed inspection of your car. However, it goes a step further checking things such as vehicle identification numbers. A blue slip inspection is needed in order to register a vehicle that has not been registered within the previous three months, has been brought into NSW from interstate or overseas, has no number plates, or has had something significantly changed, such as a new engine installation. The blue slip is valid for 42 days from date of issue. You can visit the Transport for NSW website to find an authorised blue slip inspection station near you.

How much is a pink slip?

Safety inspection rates are set by the NSW government, so choosing an authorised inspection station comes down to finding a mechanic you trust to get the job done right. For a pink slip, you’re looking at an inspection fee of $42, with any repairs required on top of that. A blue slip costs $67 for the inspection, again with any repair costs in addition to that fee.

Does mycar provide blue slips?

Blue slip inspections are a specialised service not currently offered at mycar service centres. We recommend using the Transport for NSW website to find your nearest blue slip AIS.

For all your pink slip inspection needs, call your nearest mycar inspection station today.

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