Telematics taking the guess work out of scheduled maintenance

A telematics solution can give visibility of vehicle operational compliance, deliver insight into driver performance and can even score drivers to assess corrective actions. Aside from a wide range of operating data interpretation, a key element can enable proactive maintenance scheduling.

For the fleet manager, it makes good business sense on a number of levels. Demonstrating your compliance initiatives whilst minimising additional costs when scheduled servicing is missed. Many a fleet manager can tell a story about expensive repairs when vehicles have missed their routine maintenance. The false economies of saving on scheduled maintenance, countered by the frequency that a well maintained vehicle can also demonstrate higher resale value.

scan-tool-large1 Navman Wireless are leaders in the telematics field, and can provide a maintenance notification function that works like your own service reminder. It is unique to that specific vehicle, dynamic, and has the ability to provide information in real time. There is no lag from fuel card statements and it offers the mechanism to plan the required downtime into the vehicle’s work schedule.

Life Without Barriers, a not-for-profit organisation with disability support services has recently rolled out Navman Telematics to their 1,100 strong vehicle fleet. A key component of this service is the maintenance notification to assist with maximising compliance and minimising maintenance costs. Vehicles will notify the LWB Fleet Management team approximately 1,500km before the required service interval, and drivers will be contacted to advise them of the impending service.

At the same time, mycar is notified and can work to accommodate drivers into their most convenient local store. mycar has also recently implemented a number of initiatives, including a customer specific online booking portal that would allow drivers to make their own bookings. Choosing their closest store, selecting the booking time based on the advised live store availability and receiving email confirmation, all in just a few minutes!

Michael Carter, Navman Wireless National Sales Manager Australia, has seen the practical applications of this system first hand, and commented on the efficiencies it has delivered customers across many different work environments. “The benefits are clearly split between compliance, cost efficiencies relating to driving behaviours (fuel usage, tyre wear) and operational support for management teams. It’s very common to see fleet operators tasked with delivering on more requirements with less resources. Telematics offer visibility to areas where most organisations have exposure, regardless of their desire to acknowledge it.”

“While data is the key driver, you need an interface to interpret what it means. Our dashboard systems help people understand and design the best course of action going forward. A lot of our development is focused on useability and the dashboard is key to empowering users.”

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About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless provides fleet management solutions, using GPS technology to help businesses track, manage and better utilise their fleets and equipment. It is a leading designer and manufacturer of GPS technology.

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mycar, together with Navman Wireless Solutions, is interested in supporting clients who would like to trial this system and look forward to discussing the opportunities for your business in more detail.

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