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You’ve turned the key (or pushed the button) and headed off the kerb, detecting a whiff of rotten eggs out the window. And now your gears aren’t working… yep, you guessed it, your clutch is on the way out. Sure, it’s possible to run a manual transmission without one, but should you? Our experts say not if you can avoid it. Schedule a clutch replacement ASAP with your local mycar clutch specialist and save your gearbox from grinding, whining and shaking its way from gear to gear.

Go places with a working car clutch

Our brake and clutch specialists know one size rarely fits all when it comes to diagnosing manual transmission issues, so while you may describe the basics of a classic clutch shudder during our first chat, we still recommend scheduling a time before coming in.

Why do you need to call first? This first point of contact will help us figure out what might be wrong, before booking in for a face-to-face diagnosis with someone who can capably assess your car in detail. Imagine wheeling in when our gearbox specialist is off for the day - you’d feel frustrated. We care about your time, so make sure you punch in our digits first.

Is your clutch slipping? Help it find its feet again with mycar.

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There’s more to a gearbox service than clutch fluid

Your manual transmission works hard from the moment you flick the ignition; think about how often you change lanes, stop at lights and change gears in response to sudden conditions - your gearbox is under a lot of strain, converting energy into acceleration and torque. After a while - around 30,000km depending on your lifestyle - the good ol’ gearbox becomes less effective, clutch fluid becomes metallic sludge and heat under the hood ramps up, no longer mitigated by healthy manual transmission fluid.

Make sure a bad gearbox doesn’t bungle up your weekend plans with a regular manual gearbox service. Our local clutch and mechanical experts can assist with all your vehicle’s needs whether it is a clutch services or a manual transmission check up.

While we know two cars are the same - you lead a different driving life

  • Drain and assess gearbox fluid, detecting the presence of sludge
  • Replace gearbox oil with the right type for your gearbox - not every manual transmission is suited to all fluids on the market.
  • Clutch fluid replacements and flushing to ensure your hydraulic components are kept in good working order.
  • Check for wear and tear on seals
  • Final testing to ensure everything is ready to roll

We take care of people… and manual transmissions.

How much does a clutch replacement cost?

Repair and replacement always cost more than servicing, particularly in dual transmission cars. Because it’s not possible to replace or rebuild a dual clutch, your mycar technician will have to install a new one! But how much does a clutch replacement cost? We’ve collected the general figures for you below to help put together an active budget for the unexpected.

  Clutch Replacement Clutch Repair
Clutch $800-$2000
*dependent on your car and the clutch kit
Gearbox replacement or rebuilding is quite costly ranging from $1500 – above $5000 depending on make and model.
Dual Mass Clutch $2500 - $5000 You cannot machine a dual mass flywheel they must be replaced and they are very expensive depending on make and model.

Simple payment for slippery gears

At mycar, we believe everybody should have access to safe and reliable clutch repairs, so once you’ve received a diagnosis in-store, we’ll take you through our quoting process. If you’re having trouble finding the money upfront, that’s okay, manual transmissions can be expensive to repair or replace. We’ve partnered with ZipPay, helping everyday drivers handle unexpected car costs in easy to pay installments without maxing out credit cards.

When is an manual transmission repair unavoidable?

We understand you’re probably not obsessed with cars. So if you’re confused about why your car won’t change gears, our mechanics are here to help - we talk the talk and walk the walk so you don’t have to. The following issues are common to a problem clutch:

  • My car is leaking fluid
  • The ‘Check Engine’ light is on
  • My car jars when I put it into the next gear
  • My car seems to ‘hesitate or doesn’t go into the next gear
  • There are strange noises
  • My car is noisy in neutral
  • The clutch is slipping
  • The clutch is sticking or hard
  • There is a burning smell
  • My car shakes
  • Car is difficult to change gear in cold temperature
  • The car is stuck in reverse.
  • The car is stuck in one gear.
  • The car will not select a gear.
  • I release the clutch and the car doesn’t move

How Customers feel about our Clutch Repairs

5 star rating
Dan - Toyota Hilux

Friendly knowledgable advice given Mark went above and beyond to diagnose a clutch problem then backed it up with sound advice on how to rectify.


Chermside - TAS Store



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5 star rating
Robert - Toyota Corolla

Gareth was open and upfront with what the problem could involve When the subaru clutch was dismantled he showed me the problem and explained what repairs would be required. The end result was a clutch that worked better than it ever has.


Innaloo - QLD Store



Visit our Innaloo Store

5 star rating
Krisna - Mazda 3

The time taken to explain about the signs I needed to look for to determine if I need a new clutch or gearbox was very helpful.


St Clair - NSW Store



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Get your clutch repair schedule into gear with mycar



How does a clutch work?

In simple terms, the clutch keeps the engine from stalling. Imagine that the engine is spinning at all times...when the wheels need to stop, but the engine needs to continue spinning, the clutch allows the transmission to become disconnected from the engine through the control of friction.

What are clutch components?

A clutch consists of a cover, a clutch plate, a flywheel, a pressure plate, a diaphragm spring and a thrust bearing. Inside an automatic transmission, there is a complex assortment of parts in a fairly small space. Among other things there are a planetary gear set, a set of locking bands, clutches, a hydraulic system, and an oil pump to move transmission fluid around.

How do you repair clutch and transmission problems?

All mycar stores are equipped with high-technology engine management scanning equipment to assess your vehicle transmission systems and identify faults. The system generates codes for Antilock Braking Systems, airbags, transmission and other systems. As cars develop technically, more sophisticated equipment is now required to perform even simple tasks, like resetting service lights, performing a wheel alignment or rotating the wheels. All work is backed by our industry-leading Australia-wide guarantee.

How do I find a clutch repairer or transmission service near me?

With over 260 stores Australia-wide you’re sure to find a mycar store nearby for transmission services or clutch repairs. With stores located in major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra and Melbourne.

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