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At mycar, all of our mechanics are experienced allrounders in transmission services and clutch repairs and replacement. As clutches generally don’t just suddenly give out, they wear over time, most of the time, you won’t need us, but when you do, our qualified team of technicians will get you back on the road smoothly. Whether it is a transmission service as part of your car maintenance schedule or an issue like clutch pedal shakes, check engine light, or trouble changing gears, few things stump us, and our experts are on hand for a diagnosis.

We’ll Diagnose first and let you know what needs fixing

We take a stepped approach to diagnosis, give us a call before coming in and we will listen to your concerns. From there we will give you an indication of  what might be wrong and book you in for an in-store inspection. 

Why the stepped approach? We like to get an understanding of potential issues before you come in, this makes sure that we have the right people on hand to diagnose your car and that we book you in for the right amount of time.

What about cost? Once we’ve made our diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed quote, highlighting how much everything costs and when you can expect your car to be back on the road again.

Why trust mycar with your clutch repairs and transmission services

  • We’re honest - you can trust us with your car.
  • We’re experienced - our mechanics are auto experts.
  • We’re up-front about costs - we will provide you with a detailed quote before starting any job.
  • We’re on your side - we put people first.

Transmission less than smooth? Find a mycar mechanic near me

Do you have a clutch issue on your hands?

At mycar we understand that everyone isn't as into cars as our technicians, if you are unsure of what the issue is or worried about being misunderstood don't be. Our mechanics are experts at listening and talking through your cars symptoms. Below are some common issues that you may be experiencing if there is an issue with your clutch or transmission. 

  • My car is leaking fluid
  • The ‘Check Engine’ light is on
  • My car jars when I put it into the next gear
  • My car seems to ‘hesitate or doesn’t go into the next gear
  • There are strange noises
  • The clutch is slipping
  • My car is noisy in neutral
  • The clutch is sticking or hard
  • There is a burning smell
  • My car shakes
  • Car is difficult to change gear in cold temperatures



In simple terms, the clutch keeps the engine from stalling. Imagine that the engine is spinning at all times. When the wheels need to stop, but the engine needs to continue spinning, the clutch allows the transmission to become disconnected from the engine through the control of friction.

A clutch consists of a cover, a clutch plate, a flywheel, a pressure plate, a diaphragm spring and a thrust bearing. Inside an automatic transmission, there is a complex assortment of parts in a fairly small space. Among other things there are a planetary gear set, a set of locking bands, clutches, a hydraulic system, and an oil pump to move transmission fluid around.

All mycar stores are equipped with high-technology engine management scanning equipment to assess your vehicle transmission systems and identify faults. The system generates codes for Antilock Braking Systems, airbags, transmission and other systems. As cars develop technically, more sophisticated equipment is now required to perform even simple tasks, like resetting service lights, performing a wheel alignment or rotating the wheels. All work is backed by our industry-leading Australia-wide guarantee.

With over 260 stores Australia-wide you’re sure to find a mycar store nearby for transmission services or clutch repairs. With stores located in major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

Clutch sounding crunchy? Let us give you a diagnosis

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