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Australia’s hot and humid climate places a lot of pressure on every car cooling system, undermining the hard work it puts in to keep things chilled under the bonnet. At mycar, we know on-road safety is important; our team of specialists are here to ensure your car remains as cool as a cucumber, all year round, no matter where you are in Australia.

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Save a slab of money with a car cooling system service

A car cooling system is the unsung hero of automotive efficiency - one ignored issue later, and you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road as your engine struggles to survive. Avoid unexpected stops and catastrophic engine failure with a maintenance plan.

Cooling system maintenance and repairs are a breeze at mycar. Whether it’s an engine coolant leak, an overheated engine or an annual car cooling system check-up, give your local mycar team a call to book in a cooling system service and avoid a potentially costly repair.

Why call us first? Getting an over-the-phone diagnosis from your local mycar team prior to bringing in your car allows us to evaluate your cooling system issues and ensure you are booked at a time our cooling systems specialists are available to perform a thorough expert assessment. This means less down-time and a faster resolution. We know your time is precious so give us a call to get things started.


Get ahead of an overheated engine block with our payment options

One of our experienced mycar experts will listen to your concerns and ask questions about your cooling system issues over the phone. Completing a phone diagnosis before you come into the store allows our team to give guidance on what may be at fault and, provide helpful advice to get you and your car safely to your nearest mycar service center.

When bringing your car in for your booked repair, our cooling system specialist will perform a range of tests and inspections on your car, including:

  • Pressure test the engine block to check for leaks in the system
  • Check engine coolant volume
  • Check for cracks or holes in car radiator hoses
  • Check car radiator cap for wear and tear

How much will it cost?

Once our cooling system specialist has completed their inspection our team will provide you with a quote for recommended repairs, including full inspection and repair details and prices for any replacement parts. You will always be informed every step of the way meaning no bill shock and easier ways to pay - check out our ZipPay service for more information!

When should you do something about a coolant leak?

Think your car may have a coolant leak? If you have noticed any of these symptoms, there is a high chance something is not right in your car cooling system. Don’t put it off, immediately call your local mycar to book in a cooling system repair.

  • Temperature gage on the dashboard is high
  • Car is overheating
  • Steam coming from the bonnet
  • A musty/sweet smell coming from the car
  • Engine coolant level is low
  • Fuel efficiency has dropped
  • Physically notice a coolant leak (bright coloured liquid) under your car

A word from our mechanics:

While cars are our speciality, cooling systems can be tricky to diagnose - in fact, we may see each other a few times before your car is ready to roll with a problem-free cooling system. After our experienced team fixes a leak or repairs a faulty component, you may need to return days or weeks later. Why? When it comes to repairing the big stuff, we have to begin with the little stuff, only then will serious issues like blown head gaskets reveal themselves.

So what does this mean? A full assessment isn't always possible until we perform those small fixes first and run the car.

How Customers feel about our Cooling System Repairs

5 star rating
Richard - VW Golf

My VW Golf was overheating and the VW dealer could not see it for 6 weeks. I called Aaron and he was able to inspect it and diagnose a failed water pump that day as well as plan repairs over the next week. Very happy with the service and result by the team



Launceston - TAS Store

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4 star rating
Peter - Suzuki Grand Vitara

Finished in timely manner also found solution for my over heating problem which was not apparent before



Mount Druitt - NSW Store

Visit our Mount Druitt Store
4 star rating
Bert - Suzuki Grand Vitara

My car was serviced excellently and I was contacted by phone to be informed I needed a new water pump and radiator cap It is good to have mechanics who keep a careful watch on my car.

Given the pressures of the Christmas rush the garage fitted me in to repair a broken heater hose. Grateful for the service provided



Kirwan - QLD Store

Visit our Kirwan Store

Don’t let a coolant leak be the end of your engine.

Find out more about engine coolant and your car’s cooling system with our quick Q&As.


What is a car cooling system?

A car cooling system works to keep your car running at an optimal temperature. This very important system prevents overheating of your engine block. An overheating engine can potentially result in complete engine failure.

How does a cooling system work?

A cooling system works to keep your car cool by cycling engine coolant through a series of passages around your engine block, absorbing excess heat. The heated engine coolant then travels through a series of tubes to the car’s radiator where the hot liquid is efficiently cooled by external air flowing into the car. A cooling fan helps keep the flow of cool air constant. The chilled coolant flows back around the engine block, aided by a water pump, thus completing the cycle.

A thermostat positioned between the engine block and car radiator balances this process by detecting and rectifying fluctuations in resting temperature. The thermostat also manipulates the dashboard temperature gage, when something is not right in your car’s cooling system.

What are the main components of a car's cooling system?

Your car’s cooling system comprises of a car radiator, thermostat, water pump, coolant overflow tank, cooling fans, heater core, car radiator cap and hoses.

What is the difference between a water cooled engine and an air cooled engine?

A water cooled engine uses a closed loop system, combining a water pump and cooling fan to continually cycle engine coolant in and around the car’s engine block. The engine coolant absorbs heat produced by the engine block and cycles through passages to the car radiator, where it is cooled by external cool air flow, aided by a cooling fan. The water cooled engine is the most efficient way to keep your car cool.

Air cooled engines rely on cool air naturally flowing into the car and then guide the air around the engine block via a series of strategically placed fins. A much simpler cooling system, the air cooled engine unfortunately is not the most efficient solution for our modern powerful vehicles. Relying solely on externally produced cool air flow is not ideal when stuck in traffic or driving at low speed.

Can you stop a coolant leak yourself?

If your car has an engine coolant leak, there are “stop-leak” products which can temporarily slow or stop a coolant leak when added to your car radiator. These solutions are only temporary and should NEVER replace a professional service and repair. Quick-fix products should really only be used as a means to get your car safely to your local mycar cooling system specialist. If you are not familiar with your cooling system, then the safest and best thing to do is call your local mycar repairer on 13 13 28 and leave the repairs to our cooling system experts. Note: NEVER add engine coolant or stop-leak additives to a hot car.

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