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Car suspension is the system of tyres, tyre air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects your vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. It is also the difference between a comfortable and an extremely bumpy ride.

Did you know that a car in need of suspension repair or shock absorber replacement can also be dangerous, reducing your braking ability, loss of braking efficiency, increased risk of loss of control and increasing driver tiredness.

mycar technicians are the experts in car suspension and shock absorber replacement, whether it be for an SUV, 4WD, light commercial vehicle or passenger car.

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Our expert repairers are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your suspension or shock absorber replacement. They will get as many details as possible from you over the phone about your car and also the troubles that you are experiencing, this will allow them to provide you with some guidance on what may be wrong, before you head in for a more thorough diagnosis.

How much will it cost? The cost of suspension repair or shock absorber replacement varies depending on the make and model of the car and what the issue is. mycar prides itself on being transparent about price, so once we’ve made our diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed quote, highlighting what repairs are necessary and the price of any replacement parts.


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How to know that you need to get your suspension checked…

If you think there may be something wrong, we have compiled a list of common complaints or issues when it comes to car suspension and shock absorbers.

  • Car not sitting level when parked
  • Lots of bouncing when driving
  • Poor handling
  • Excessive body roll on corners

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Coil springs and leaf springs are designed to absorb up/down forces to keep tyres planted firmly on the road. Most modern cars have independent front/rear suspension. Dampeners, namely struts and shock absorbers, dissipate the energy absorbed by coil springs, so up/down motion is quickly reduced to zero. If the dampeners are in proper working order, the passengers should be unaffected by dips or bumps in the road. If the components are old or faulty, the vertical energy would cause your car to jump up off the road, then come crashing back down onto the road with even greater force, reducing tyre friction and control, making for a very uncomfortable and dangerous ride.

Some cars also have torsion bars (anti-sway or anti-roll bars) that span the car’s frame and help level out side-to-side motions while cornering. Torsion bars are an important feature of the suspension system, particularly on high-profile vehicles (such as 4WDs) that are considered top-heavy.

All suspension systems are different, but most include a chassis or frame, coil springs, leaf springs, dampeners including struts and shock absorbers, and anti-sway or torsion bars in various combinations.

At mycar, we use only the best brands such as Monroe, and have the expertise and equipment to maintain your car's steering responsiveness and stability. All shock absorber and suspension service repairs are backed by our industry-leading Australia-wide guarantee. Call us today on mycar 13 13 28 or visit us at the nearest store.

With over 260 stores Australia-wide you’re sure to find a mycar store nearby for suspension repairs and shock absorber replacement. There are mycar stores located in major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne.

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