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What does a comprehensive vehicle inspection include?

The inspection will include everything the manufacturer specifies and is required for the logbook service. Everything below, and much much more!

  • 1. Test drive

    The engine, drivetrain, brakes and suspension in your vehicle will be tested to ensure that they are up to standard.

  • 2. Operational check

    The standard components of your vehicle such as seat belts, lights, wipers including washers and arm mechanism, horn will be inspected. The air/cabin filters and housing will also be checked.

  • 3. Digital battery check

    Your battery will be tested and printed results will be provided.

  • 4. Vehicle digital diagnostic scan

    A complete electronic diagnostic scan, with forefront equipment.

  • 5. Inspection of underbody

    A visual inspection will be conducted for leaks from your engine, exhaust system, fuel line and gearbox.

  • 6. Tyre pressure and tread wear check

    The condition, pressure and tread wear of your tyres (including the spare) will be inspected to ensure that it is up to the legal standard.

  • 7. Brake wear recommendation

    A precise measurement can be provided to you. This will also include a fluid condition check.

  • 8. Suspension system check

    Joints and bearings in your vehicle will be checked for any leaks.

  • 9. Final assessment of vehicle

    The wheels are cross checked and a final road test is performed to ensure quality of the service and operations performed.


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How do I know which service to choose?

Well you have come to the right place, you can trust whatever service you chose, your car is getting exactly what it needs.


Logbook Servicing is our most popular choice – especially when your car still has that new car smell. It's often referred to as a scheduled service, this is the servicing that was planned by the manufacturer when designing the car. It balances the needs of the car, at the time it needs it. It will also keep your new car warranty.


This is often known as a basic or minor service, and is for when your car (Betty? Bruce? Cassandra?) is a little bit older but you still want to keep her/him in tip top shape. A mycar Essential Car Service, includes an 86 point check, so you can trust that your car is getting exactly what it needs.

We love taking care of cars and their drivers. From wonky wheels and bald tyres to batteries, windows, engines and transmissions, mycar mechanics know the health of any vehicle relies on how regularly it’s serviced. But do you really need a car service every 10,000kms?

Yes, or every twelve months - whichever comes first. Think of it as preventative maintenance that safeguards your car's roadworthy status and the width of your wallet. While nothing may be outwardly wrong and you’re not worried about any strange noises, something as simple as fuel economy can be improved by a vehicle health check. Who doesn’t want to save money on petrol?

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There’s no need to return to your car dealership. Our experienced mechanics are ready to capably service your car and legally stamp your log book!

about logbook servicing

new car servicing

Logbook Servicing is often known as New Car Servicing. As an authorised logbook service provider, we’ll service your vehicle so you can maintain your new car warranty. Visit us today and take a peek at the latest diagnostic equipment.


Our Essential Service is a great option If you’ve got an older car or you don’t want to stick to your car manufacturer’s preferred servicing schedule.

about essential servicing


Our Essential Service options are also known as Fixed Price Servicing. Our fixed price servicing includes an 86 point inspection, making sure nothing escapes notice.

Servicing by vehicle

Get your rego done super-fast at one of our many stores that are Authorised Inspection Stations.

about roadworthy inspection

Find the right battery at the right price with a range of 6V & 12V batteries to fit most passenger cars, SUVs, 4X4s and light commercial vehicles.

about car batteries

If you operate a fleet, we can help with all your tyre, car repair and car servicing needs. We have over 260 stores located Australia-wide.

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mycar's diesel mechanics are on hand to assess and repair every kind of diesel vehicle.

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Mobile Tyre Fitting

Can’t get to a mycar store? Hey, no problem. We can come to you.

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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Don’t wait ‘til your car starts shaking. Regular wheel alignment checks improve fuel economy and reduce tyre wear.

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Why book a car service with mycar?

We guarantee our workmanship

We’re upfront about costs

You’ll be supported and served by an Australia-wide network 260 locations and hundreds of automotive experts - if somebody can’t fix a problem at your local mycar, we’ll call on somebody who can without sending you away

We provide service specific support - we won’t pigeon-hole your car into a package if you come in for a battery replacement or wheel alignment. But we may recommend a service based on what we see while we’re working on your car.

The cheap car service just got better

At mycar, we believe taking care of your car shouldn’t cost you an arm, a leg and part of your monthly phone bill. We want to help our customers avoid engine issues and faulty brakes - making a fixed price car service affordable is part of that commitment. If you’re short on cash at the time of servicing or our efforts reveal something that needs to be fixed ASAP, manage your car service cost with Zip Pay and make sure your vehicle receives the attention it deserves.

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