Tyres and wheels

Looking for expert information about tyres and wheels? You’ve come to the right place! At mycar we’re passionate about our wheels and we want to share our years of experience with you. Discover detailed tyres and wheels tips and resources by visiting the articles below.

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Wheels and tyres

Wheels and tyres

This is your go-to guide for wheel and tyre safety! We provide all of the requirements for tyres, as well as information about spare tyres, tyre placards, and maintenance tips. Staying on top of your tyre care is one of the best ways to improve your safety.

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Tyres on a tyre rack

Tyre buying tips

Buying tyres seems simple enough until you’re presented with the seemingly endless options available. What do you need to look for in terms of tread, durability, size, style, and capabilities? We’ll give you all the info right here!

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Tyre guage

Tyre tread and condition

Tyre tread inspections don’t have to involve your professional tyre fitter or mechanic. You can learn to look for damage and wear and tear to keep you going in between services. Learn how to take care of your tyres by reading this article.

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All terrain tyres

All terrain tyres

All terrain tyres are perfect for both city living and off-road adventures. Check out this article to find out what all terrain tyres are, what to look for when you’re buying them, and how to maintain your tyres once you have them.

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Screw in car tyre

Run flat tyres

Once considered controversial, the run flat tyre continues to increase in popularity. It’s not surprising, considering they remove the need for hasty tyre changes at the side of the road. Continue reading to find out how they work.

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How to change a tyre

How to change a flat tyre

Changing a flat tyre is a skill every driver should have. You never think you need it until you’re stranded without phone reception in the middle of nowhere! Learn how to do it now, so you don’t get stuck in the future.

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Wheel balancing

Wheel alignment vs. wheel balance

It’s easy to mistake wheel alignment and wheel balance as the same thing. But we’re here to tell you they’re very different procedures and they’re both equally important. Discover the difference between the two by reading this article

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Check tyre pressure

Tyre pressure guide

We always get told to make sure we check our tyre pressure regularly. But what does that actually mean? We’ll take you through the ins and outs of tyre pressure until you’re an expert yourself! Read on to learn more.

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