CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 2 101Y

275/40R19 101Y

A premium, performance tyre with enhanced traction, handling and braking for high performance sports vehicles.

Tyre type: Passenger-Performance

Commonly known for their 'low profile' sidewall, Performance Tyres are designed to provide ultra high performance in handling, cornering and braking.

Tread type: Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical tyres are designed to mix two different tread patterns on the outer and inner edge of the tyre, this tread pattern provides the driver with excellent driving on both wet and dry road conditions.
  • Systematically engineered to provide superior traction and steering response when needed.
  • The special bionic tread compound and contour technologies combine seamlessly to greatly enhance braking capabilities even in wet conditions.
  • An original fitment tyre that’s used across an extensive range of vehicles.

A Load Index of 101 and Speed Rating Y indicates the tyre can carry a load of 825 Kg at a maximum speed of 300 Km/h.

$479 ea


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CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 2 TYRE
We go the extra mile when you buy tyres. You get all this extra stuff, free:
  • Free tyre fitting
  • Free standard wheel balancing and tubeless valve
  • Free environmentally-friendly tyre disposal
  • Lifetime tread guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Free Tyrelife Saver Program that will help extend the life of your tyres on purchases of two or more

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