215/45 R17 91W

Excellent for performance vehicles, providing a quieter and comfrotable ride throughout the year and suitable for all seasons. State-of the-art tread design and pattern, coupled with an innovative tyre compound helps to deliver deliver better handling, traction and longer tyre life.

Run flat (RFT): No

Tyre type: Passenger-Performance

Commonly known for their 'low profile' sidewall, Performance Tyres are designed to provide ultra high performance in handling, cornering and braking.

Tread type: Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical tyres are designed to mix two different tread patterns on the outer and inner edge of the tyre, this tread pattern provides the driver with excellent driving on both wet and dry road conditions.

Load index: 91 (can carry a load of 615kg)

Speed rating: W (max speed of 270Km/h)

  • The tread pattern and wide surface area of the tyre provides excellent grip on both wet and dry conditions and a longer tread life.
  • The robust compound and build of the tyre provides exceptional traction and driving precision.
  • Tread pattern and technology used on tyre helps minimise noise and provide sa quiter and more comfortable ride.
  • The wide tread pattern and grooves helps expel water from underneath the tyre, providing better traction on wet roads to prevent hydroplanning, leading to a safer car.
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Tyre Care Plan

included with this tyre

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We go the extra mile when you buy tyres.
You get all this extra stuff, free:

  • Free tyre fitting
  • Free standard wheel balancing and tubeless valve
  • Free environmentally-friendly tyre disposal
  • Lifetime tread guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Free Tyrelife Saver Program that will help extend the life of your tyres on purchases of two or more

With so many makes and models, finding the right tyres can be tricky. That's why we have categorised our tyres to make it easier to find the ones that suit you, your car, and your budget.


If you're keeping to a budget or you don't do a lot of driving, then our Entry-range is perfect for you. These tyres provide a safe and comfortable ride for you and your family, all at affordable prices.


If you're looking for the perfect ‘all-rounder', combining excellent performance with great value, then look no further. Our Mid-range tyres offer optimised performance, quality and safety, giving you a smoother quieter ride, tighter handling and added tyre life longevity.


If you're looking for optimal performance, the latest features and leading innovation, then our Premium range has exactly what you need. These tyres are manufactured at the highest quality to give you the best of the best, delivering ultra-high performance.

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Tyre Care Plan

Tyre care plan

Included with this tyre

Included with this tyre

CONTI ContiSportContact 5 XL FR 91W

215/45R17 91W

A premium, high performance tyre with outstanding handling and control, made for high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Tyre Care Plan

Tyre care plan

Included with this tyre

Included with this tyre

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