Tyre size guide

Understanding how to read the size of your tyres will make choosing replacement tyres quicker and easier.

On the sidewall of your tyre you’ll see a series of numbers and letters something like this:


205/65R15 88W

This code provides information on the tyre’s construction, its size, load, carrying capacity and speed rating.

  • Tyre width: 205 – indicates the section width of your tyre in millimetres
  • Tyre profile: 65 – is your tyre’s aspect ratio, or the height from the bottom of the tread to the rim. This is a percentage, so in this example the height of this tyre is 65% of its width
  • Tyre construction: R: Means the tyre has radial ply construction, which is the most common construction type for passenger cars
  • Tyre size: 15 – Indicates the diameter of the wheel rim in inches,
  • Load rating: 88 – Relates to maximum load capacity at which the tyre can be operated safely
  • Speed rating: W – Relates to maximum speed rating at which the tyre can be operated safely

Are your tyres due for a check-up?

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