Keep on the straight and narrow with a regular wheel alignment

Is your drive starting to feel a little off-kilter? Does your car begin to travel to the left or right when your hands leave the wheel for a split second? Your vehicle is telling you something - it’s time for a wheel alignment. At mycar, our team of expert mechanics are ready to perform a wheel alignment on your car, making your tyre-to-road contact straight, smooth and predictable at all times.

A cheap wheel alignment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality

It’s amazing how the smallest change in your car’s wheel alignment and wheel balance can make a huge difference to on-road performance and handling. When your wheels are aligned correctly, comfortable rides become a daily expectation, while reducing the overall wear and tear on your tyres. By dropping into mycar for an affordable and regular wheel alignment, you’ll be maximising your tyre mileage and improving overall fuel economy. What’s not to love about that?

Need to check your car wheel alignment? Call us first before you book!

Speak to your local mycar team before you drive in for a wheel alignment. This step helps us ensure your booking coincides with a day our wheel alignment specialists are on the premises, leading to less vehicle down-time and a faster resolution. Time is of the essence in this day and age, so give us a call first to get your wheel alignment sorted fast.

Save time and money by getting your car wheel alignment done at mycar. Call us on 13 13 28

Feeling a bit uneven? How to tell if it’s time for a car wheel alignment

The good news? A wonky wheel alignment is relatively easy to diagnose! Have you noticed:

  • Uneven or excessive wear on tyre treads
  • Your car pulling to the left or right when driving straight
  • Your steering wheel sitting off-center when your wheels are straight
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Or have you:
  • Hit a deep pothole, clipped a curb, been in an accident or braked rapidly

Did you know tyre trauma from things like potholes and curb collisions can easily throw off your suspension and wheel alignment? If you’re in a holey suburb. get your wheel alignment checked pronto before small issues lead to bigger problems down the road. It’s time to drop into mycar and treat your wheels to a little TLC.

We recommend wheel alignments with all of our tyre repair services.

What does a wheel alignment cost and include?

The basic cost of a wheel alignment starts at $79, although we’ll supply a comprehensive quote when you book your wheel alignment service with mycar. Your dedicated wheel alignment mechanics make sure you are kept up to date throughout the process and guarantee your final invoice will always match your quoted price.

At mycar, we pride ourselves on providing a technologically advanced service. Your wheel alignment mechanic will get your wheels hooked up to our state of the art wheel alignment machine that assists them with analyzing, measuring and adjusting the steering and suspension angles in your car to perfection. We don’t mess around when it comes to wheel alignments, we know a quick, efficient and accurate wheel alignment is ideal for your car and your personal schedule.

When we’ve completed the job, you’ll receive a fully itemised invoice and service report, with cash, debit and credit card payment options available on site. For a more wallet friendly alternative, we also offer ZipPay which makes budgeting in your wheel alignment a breeze.

Something not lining up about your wheel alignment?

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Get your facts straight when it comes to a car wheel alignment

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to the angle at which your car’s wheels are positioned in relation to both the road and the body of the car. Proper wheel alignment is calculated by checking and adjusting the Camber (inward outward tilt of the wheel), Caster (angle of the steering axis), Toe (direction the wheel points) and Ride Height (clearance between the road and wheel axle).

How long does a wheel alignment take?

At mycar, whether it’s a two or four-wheel alignment, we recommend allowing at least 60 minutes for our team to complete a regular wheel alignment. Of course, if on inspection we spot something of concern, we will contact you straight away if we need more time to investigate.

How often should you get a wheel alignment?

We recommend getting a wheel alignment every 6 months or 10,000 kms for basic car maintenance. However, if your car wheel experiences road trauma or you have noticed any of the above mentioned symptoms of a misaligned wheel, we recommend booking in for a wheel alignment asap to prevent further damage.

How much is a wheel alignment?

The cost of a mycar wheel alignment starts from $79 for two and four-wheel alignment services. Not only do you get a great price on wheel alignments, you also get our Australia wide guarantee on workmanship and parts. Call your local mycar to book in a wheel alignment today.

Where can I get a wheel alignment near me?

With over 275 mycar service centres Australia wide, you can easily track down a wheel alignment service close to home. Check out our store locator to find your nearest mycar service centre and give us a call to book in your car wheel alignment.

Stay on course with a professional wheel alignment.

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