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At mycar, we care about your future. If you’re combing employment boards for mechanic jobs, automotive management roles or a mechanic apprenticeship, you’ve come to the right place. We are the largest employer of apprentice mechanics in Australia and the home to countless qualified automotive experts across 260 locations nationwide.


Achieve more professionally with mycar

Take advantage of our growing store network and map out a career pathway that suits your aspirations. We are proud to offer all of our employees the opportunity to develop their expertise, whether they’d like to stay close to home, learn from a team an hour away or travel around Australia, working with from the best, across a range of specialisations. Many of our leaders started as apprentices - imagine what you could achieve with mycar.


In-house technical training

We understand the value of continuous technical training better than most. That’s why we ensure your skills are always relevant and up-to-date. This kind of training supports our vision to be Australia’s most trusted tyre and auto brand.


Great benefits and pay

You’ll be entitled to a range of benefits, including discounts from over 60 suppliers in the areas of entertainment, travel, health, insurance, finance and more. We offer competitive mechanic salaries and mechanic apprentice wages, with access to a bonus program to reward good performance. Our image is important to us, so we also assist store employees by providing laundered uniforms.


Strong team values

Make mycar your professional home and join a team that’s friendly, honest and customer-focused. Diversity isn’t only a trendy word in our vocabulary - you’ll be glad to know that we’re 100% committed to creating an inclusive workplace driven by equal opportunity in all of our departments.


Mechanic Jobs in Australia, Backed by Fully Owned National Company

A company as big as ours offers a stable environment with job security. We ensure that safety and compliance standards are consistently maintained. Plus, we are always opening new stores in convenient locations, all with the latest technology and equipment.

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What our people say

I like working for a big company where everyone is spoken to the same. I feel valued as a team member and I know an opportunity to move up will come soon. The benefits like RDO's are great, wouldn’t work anywhere else.

John - Mechanic Brandon Park

Join our team

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. See roles by state.

Automotive Technician (Mechanic) - QLD

Responsible for maximising mycar sales through efficient professional workmanship, safe, complete inspections and thorough reporting of work required.

Automotive Store Manager - QLD

Responsible for the customer and employee experience within their store, and for ensuring that the mycar business strategy is effectively implemented.

Assistant Manager - QLD

Responsible for undertaking efficient high quality mechanical work and assisting the Store Manager by supporting the mycar business strategy.

Apprentice Mechanic - Expression of interest (QN) - QLD

Responsible for acquiring and applying the skills and knowledge required during their training in a safe, professional and customer focused manner.

Tyre Technician / Fitter - Expression of interest (QN) - QLD

Responsible for applying the skills and knowledge related to fitting/replacing tyres, front end inspection, wheel alignments and basic workshop tasks.

Mechanic Jobs by city

We advertise a number of mechanic jobs on Seek throughout the year, to find any available in your area, click on the links below. If you cannot see any in your area, fill out the expression of interest forms in the Join our team section above.


Mechanic Jobs Melbourne Mechanic Jobs Perth Mechanic Jobs Adelaide Mechanic Jobs Sydney

Mechanic Jobs Gold Coast  Mechanic Jobs Canberra Mechanic Jobs Brisbane View all our jobs

Interested in cars? Get started with our mechanic apprenticeship program

Do you love everything about cars? Are you a problem-solver? Maybe you’re always on hand to help friends and family get the most out of their vehicles… transform your curiosity into a career and join our growing national team of car enthusiasts with an motor mechanic apprenticeship or diesel mechanic apprenticeship. Car mechanic apprenticeship

A light vehicle mechanic apprenticeship is a four year learn-on-the-job course that combines practical learning with automotive theory. We work with a range of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to help future mechanics find their feet, ensuring you can comfortably and capably;

  • Diagnose, test and fix electrical faults
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and detect larger problems if necessary while completing tasks like oil changes, coolant flushes, engine tuning and more.
  • Diagnose minor and complex car issues using a combination of educated observation and technical equipment
  • Test the function of various parts of the car using a range of technical equipment
  • Repair and replace worn components
  • Ordering the correct parts

And much more!

Find a mechanic apprenticeship in your city

We advertise a number of mechanic apprenticeships on Seek throughout the year, to find any available in your area, click on the links below. If you cannot see any in your area, fill out the expression of interest forms in the Join our team section above.


Mechanic apprenticeship Melbourne Mechanic apprenticeship Perth Mechanic apprenticeship Adelaide

Mechanic apprenticeship Sydney Mechanic apprenticeship Gold Coast  Mechanic apprenticeship Canberra

Mechanic apprenticeship Brisbane View all our jobs

Chat about motor mechanic jobs with somebody who gets it

If you’d like to speak to someone in our careers department, call us on (02) 9680 6507. For enquiries about apprenticeships, call us on (02) 9680 6538 or email

While we are always on the hunt for talented people and you can always register your interest on the listing above, we also advertise roles on Seek throughout the year.

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