Achieve highway harmony with a wheel balance at mycar

Sudden vibrations juddering through your car seat are a good indication you have a wheel imbalance on your hands. A wheel balance brings all four of your wheels back into harmony, ensuring most drives don’t begin and end with a weird massage courtesy of your vehicle. Reach out to mycar and speak to a car wheel balancing expert today - we make it our mission to deliver the best and safest driving experience possible.

Say bye-bye to the bumpy ride with regular wheel balancing

Our expert mechanics are trained to perform a precise wheel balancing, protect your car against premature wear and tear of the steering and suspension assemblies. That subtle shake can quickly escalate into an expensive problem if left alone, so when you start noticing new vibrations, call your local mycar wheel balancing specialist immediately.

Give the bumpy ride the boot and book in your wheel balance!

Contacting your local mycar team prior to bringing in your car for a wheel balance lets us explain some of the options available when it comes to wheel balancing. We will make sure you are booked at a time when one of our wheel balance specialists is available to perform a thorough expert assessment and wheel balancing service. We make booking in your wheel balance a breeze, so you can get on with the more important things in life.

Booking your wheel balance is as easy as 1, 2, 3 at mycar. Find your nearest mycar

Six signs a wheel balancing service should be in your car’s future

It is inevitable that your car’s wheel balance and wheel alignment  will always change over time. Time, natural wear and tear, plus the weight on your tyres impacts the overall balance of your car’s wheels. Here are some good hints that it’s time to book a car wheel balancing:

  • Feeling vibration holding the steering wheel (especially driving at high speeds)
  • Feeling vibration in your seats (seat position indicates which wheel is unbalanced)
  • Excessive or uneven wear on your tyre treads
  • Unusually noisy tyres
  • Noticeable drop in fuel economy
  • Reduction in your car’s performance and handling

Although we often see wheel balance customers when things go wrong, there are other occasions that necessitate a quick wheel balance check, including:

Battling some not-so-good vibrations? Call 13 13 28 to book a wheel balance.

Weigh up your options when it comes to your wheel balance cost

Wheel balancing prices start at $49 for a stand-alone service. When having a chat to your mycar mechanic, you will be given some options that impact the final wheel balance price.

Planning on purchasing and fitting some new tyres? We always include a free wheel balance with every new tyre fitting.

At mycar, you have two main service options when it comes to car wheel balancing; a Standard or Premium computer wheel balance.

  • A Standard Computer Wheel Balance uses a traditional wheel balancing machine that spins your car wheels to locate weight imbalances, allowing your mechanic to make adjustments accordingly.
  • A Premium Computer Wheel Balance, uses the new Haweka system which simulates a true wheel spin, testing your wheels as if they were still fitted to your car, driving down the road. Now that’s some clever technology!

Speaking of speedy technology, we’ve also made settling the bill for your wheel balancing quick, easy and affordable. Apart from the usual methods available for payment like cash, debit and credit card we also offer ZipPay, making budgeting for a wheel balance stress-free.

Wheel balancing just got more affordable with ZipPay

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Still unsure if your car needs wheel balancing? Our FAQs can help you decide.

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of balancing the weight in all four of your car’s tyres for a safer and smoother driving experience. This is achieved by adding precisely positioned weights to your wheel assembly, equally distributing weight across the whole wheel that results in even wheel rotation. The weight of your tyre and wheel assembly can change over time so a regular wheel balance helps bring back stability to your drive.

How does a wheel balancing machine work?

Your car mechanic places the wheel/tyre assembly from your car onto our wheel balancing machine which spins the wheel, seeks out any symptoms of an imbalance (like vibrations), and then analyses points across the wheel that are too light or heavy. Using these measurements, we carefully make adjustments by positioning small weights around the wheel assembly to achieve even weight distribution across the wheel.

When does my car need wheel balancing?

At mycar, we recommend getting a regular wheel balance every 6 months, 10,000 kms (alongside a scheduled car service) or when upgrading or repairing your tyres. The easiest time to perform one is also when rotating your tyres which is an option you can discuss with your mechanic. However, if you’ve started feeling the shakes and are noticing abnormal wear on your tyres then booking in for a wheel balance sooner rather than later is necessary to prevent further damage to your car.

What is the difference between a wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

Often confused, or even thought to be the same thing, a wheel balance and wheel alignment focus on completely different aspects of maintaining stability in your car. The two services go hand in hand which is where the confusion can start. A wheel balance ensures even weight distribution across your wheel assembly whereas a wheel alignment makes sure your wheels are positioned properly to achieve a straight and smooth drive.

Where can I find wheel balancing near me?

With over 270 mycar service centers Australia wide, you can easily track down a wheel balancing service close to your home. Check out our store locator to find your nearest mycar service center and give us a call to book in your car wheel balancing.

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