At mycar we are Driven by Safety. We believe that People come first and mycar is committed to managing its operations to protect the safety, health and welfare of our team members, contractors, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

We believe that every work-related injury is preventable, and we strive to create a mindset where safety always comes first for our team members with every task they perform.

We are committed to retaining the absolute trust and confidence of our customers and visitors at mycar. Below are some tools to facilitate us being Driven by Safety:

Continental Business Partner Code of Conduct

We are a subsidiary of German company Continental AG and our suppliers and business partners, like all Continental AG partners globally, are required to comply with the Continental Business Partner Code of Conduct. It comprises the ecological, social, and legal requirements that we have for our suppliers, including respect for human rights, anti-corruption and data protection.


Health, safety and injury management

It’s our job to ensure the safety of our team members, customers, contractors, visitors, neighbours and the public.


Supplier Online Induction

We require all suppliers to comply with all TAP Policies and Procedures and ensure that its Personnel do so, including all health and safety requirements, and security guidelines.


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