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Nobody thinks about tyre replacement until they’re confronted with a flat tyre, a sudden puncture or non-existent tread. At mycar, our tyre repair experts are here to help when rubber problems send your plans into a spin, ensuring you get back on the road safely.

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Leave Tyre Puncture Repair to the Experts

We understand you’ve got a life to lead, commutes to make, kids to drop off and road-trips to plan. Before you head to a hardware store, keep the following in mind - there’s more to repairing a tyre than sealing a hole. While we encourage all of our customers to know everything they can about their car, the safety of your family is paramount - structural damage isn’t always apparent to the untrained eye.

How We Fix Your Flat Tyre Fast

Step 1: We quickly and confidently remove the punctured, balding or damaged tyre from the wheel to assess the damage in accordance with Australian standards.

Step 2: Our team performs a thorough inspection of the problem tyre, assessing internal tyre components, the angle and size of any punctures, degradation of tread or damage to the tyre wall.

Step 3: We will repair the puncture if possible - sometimes a whole new tyre is required. If you are in need of a new tyre, our tyre experts will step you through your options according to your budget, make and model.

Step 4: Fitting and balancing your new tyre. Your spare tyre will be stowed away in your preferred location.


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Why trust mycar with your flat tyre repair

  • We’re honest.
  • We’re experienced.
  • We’re up-front on about costs.
  • We’re on your side.
  • We’re committed to your safety.

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Tyre Repair Q&A

While it’s nearly impossible to predict a tyre puncture, regular servicing will give you an idea of how your tyres are faring against daily use. Balding, cosmetic damage, cracking and other issues can all be detected by our mycar mechanics and tyre experts, securing the safety of journeys to come and reducing the likelihood of an unpredictable flat. Sadly, we can’t tell you when you may pick up a stray nail on the road, but we always recommend keeping your eyes out for debris.

Unless your car is fitted with run-flat tyres, no, you should never drive on a flat or punctured tyre. Motorists are advised to only drive as far as they absolutely need to, often to get clear of oncoming traffic and find a safe place to pullover and change over to a spare. Run-flat tyres are a slightly different story - although their composition allows drivers to comfortably return home, provided home isn’t over 100km away and they don’t exceed 80km/h, a punctured run-flat tyre isn’t always safe to drive on (if they’ve been punctured and repaired beforehand - most tyre makers recommend run-flat tyres be replaced, not repaired).

Unless you work with tyres all day, every day, assume that you may need a new tyre and your old one shouldn’t be touched until an experienced set of hands can assess the damage. For a general rule of thumb, any impacted damage to the sidewall and shoulder will most likely lead to a tyre replacements, whereas a puncture in the middle of the tread can be repaired, provided the hole is under 6mm. Keep in mind, all tyre repairs are made from the inside out - you’ll never have the full picture until we strip the tyre off the wheel.

mycar uses sealants approved and endorsed by Australian standards, ensuring your patched up tyre will retain air on the road. Beyond air pressure, tyre sealants also prevent contamination of the tyre structure and casing, guarding against tread separation and issues later on.

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