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What does a comprehensive vehicle inspection include?

The inspection will include everything the manufacturer specifies and is required for the logbook service. Everything below, and much much more!

  • 1. Test drive

    The engine, drivetrain, brakes and suspension in your vehicle will be tested to ensure that they are up to standard.

  • 2. Operational check

    The standard components of your vehicle such as seat belts, lights, wipers including washers and arm mechanism, horn will be inspected. The air/cabin filters and housing will also be checked.

  • 3. Digital battery check

    Your battery will be tested and printed results will be provided.

  • 4. Vehicle digital diagnostic scan

    A complete electronic diagnostic scan, with forefront equipment.

  • 5. Inspection of underbody

    A visual inspection will be conducted for leaks from your engine, exhaust system, fuel line and gearbox.

  • 6. Tyre pressure and tread wear check

    The condition, pressure and tread wear of your tyres (including the spare) will be inspected to ensure that it is up to the legal standard.

  • 7. Brake wear recommendation

    A precise measurement can be provided to you. This will also include a fluid condition check.

  • 8. Suspension system check

    Joints and bearings in your vehicle will be checked for any leaks.

  • 9. Final assessment of vehicle

    The wheels are cross checked and a final road test is performed to ensure quality of the service and operations performed.

Introducing buying & booking tyres online

Last updated 04/09/2020

Today, mycar is excited to launch the buying and booking of tyre fittings online!

Now you can see the large range of tyres available for your car that suit your budget, simply by using your car rego, it is that easy! All mycar tyres come with free inclusions for peace of mind and the tyre care plan range offer even more! Plus, you earn Flybuy points for every dollar spent.

Our Queensland customers will experience this first as we are trialling the ability to add to cart and schedule a booking directly into your local stores calendar. For the rest of Australia, don’t worry, the convenience and ease of being able to buy & book online will be available to you in the coming weeks (so check back soon).

We’re continuing to work on new and exciting functionality for the website. So if you have any feedback, let us know here , we’re listening and eager to hear from you!

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