Exide shows its true colours

Last updated 01/06/2020

Flying the colours for Australia, Exide shows its true colours with new green and gold batteries.

While our athletes make us proud at the London 2012 Olympics, leading automotive batteries manufacturer, Exide Technologies, has made it even easier to spot its high-impact, Australian-made quality products by giving them a green and gold makeover.

The premium Australian Made batteries are designed at Exide’s Adelaide manufacturing plant and built to be reliable in Australia’s diverse and often unforgiving climate. A limited 2012 edition has also been brightened up with a green base and a gold lid – Go Aussie!

Exide Technologies’ Andrew Duncan said the high-impact coloured batteries were designed to “definitively identify its range of premium Australian Made products and to encourage consumers to ‘Go Aussie’,” adding that “through our expert battery retailers, consumers have recognised the benefits of buying premium Australian Made batteries and this exercise makes the batteries visually identifiable like never before.”

Exide Technologies also offers motorists a ‘green’ responsible disposal choice by operating a Battery Collection Centre program to recycle and reuse spent batteries, alternatively mycar will test, inspect and dispose of your old battery for free.

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