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You slip into the driver's seat, turn the key and nothing happens. Your engine strains, the battery wheezes and you’re going nowhere, even though you didn’t leave the lights on overnight. Enter the car alternator. Your alternator plays a big role in propelling your car forward, generating mechanical energy and charging your battery while you drive. Without this electronic whatzit, your car will struggle to leave your street, let alone the suburb. Our advice? Keep your eye and ear out for a failing alternator before you get caught on the side of the road.

Dazzling car alternator prices with a repair service second to none

Is your alternator on the way out? We’re here to help. Pick up the phone before steering into your local mycar and chat to our experienced alternator repair specialists. From here, we’ll be able to give you an idea of what to expect cost-wise and line-up the right person for the job, meaning you spend less time waiting on appointment day. Your time is important and so is your car - manage both with a quick call to mycar and get your alternator repair started.

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Our alternator repair process gets people back on the road safely

Once we’ve made your car snug in our service centre, our expert team will perform a range of tests to detect what’s going on under the hood. Sometimes it’s a small fix, occasionally a replacement is in order, whatever we find, you can be assured your mycar team will communicate a full list of options before taking the next steps. Every alternator repair service includes:

  • Full alternator check including alternator voltage reading
  • Check alternator wiring for any broken circuits or loose connections
  • Check alternator regulator function
  • Voltage check of the battery
  • Check the drive belt for misalignment or cracks – make adjustments where necessary
  • Check pulleys and bearings for wear and tear

How much does an alternator replacement cost?

It depends! Alternator replacement prices fall somewhere between $400 to $1500, plus labour. You’ll receive a comprehensive repair or replacement quote once we’ve completed our alternator inspection. This quote will include the full inspection report and outline the prices for parts and labour of an alternator repair or replacement.

Think you’ve got alternator problems?

Does something seem off? Do your windows struggle to open? Has your stereo died recently? It could be the alternator. Perform a symptom check with our list below and get on top of your alternator function:

  • Battery warning light on the dashboard is lit up
  • Internal and external lighting is dim or flickering
  • Slow or unresponsive electronic accessories like power windows, air-conditioner, electronic displays, car stereo
  • Battery is dead for no apparent reason
  • Struggle to get the car started
  • Car often stalls during a drive
  • Hear a growling or whining sound
  • Smell a burning smell – either burnt electrical smell or like burning rubber

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How Customers feel about our Alternator Repairs

5 star rating
Damon - Holden Colorado

Alternator died The guys replaced it and returned my car the same day. 02 January when hardly anyone was open.


Shepparton - VIC Store



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5 star rating

Steve and Peter in Maroochydore were INCREDIBLE. They talked me through the problem on the phone then fit me into their busy schedule when I broke down and needed a new alternator urgently. I am extremely grateful for them going out of their way for me. Will recommend them to all my friends on the coast.


Maroochydore - QLD Store



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5 star rating
Debbie - Holden Calais

The speed and care taken to get me back on the road I arrived unannounced as my alternator light was on The problem was fixed straight away


Doncaster - VIC Store



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Find out more about your car alternator with our quick Q&As

What is an alternator?

It is a common misconception that the electrical elements of your car, such as lights, air conditioning, windows etc, are all powered solely by the car battery. In fact it is the car alternator doing a lot of the job. Working in sync with your car battery, it generates and delivers steady and consistent power to all the electrical components of your car as well as helps to charge the car battery.

How does an alternator work?

When you start your car, your battery is the source of power that will kick things into gear. Once your car is up and running, the alternator internal rotor will start spinning, and this generates a magnetic force inside the stator allowing it to continually produce electricity. A series of alternator wiring connects to all the electrical components in your car, delivering power to keep things working. To keep the power consistent and even, the alternator regulator then regulates the amperage and voltage that feeds to and from the battery, ensuring an even charge and distribution of power throughout your car.

How to test an alternator?

Measure the voltage from the alternator using a multimeter. For a standard 12V battery, your alternator reading should come in between 13.5-14.5 volts. Anything under or over this range is a sign your alternator is starting to fail.

How to know if it is the battery or alternator at fault?

Thanks to their close relationship, it can be tricky to tell whether your electrical troubles are coming from your car alternator or battery. While lots of signs point to a faulty alternator, a dead battery is very easy to spot.

A dead battery means that your car won’t start at all. If, on the other hand, you’re able to start the car without a jump, but notice power loss as the drive progresses or struggle with a stalling engine, your car is suffering from a failing alternator. Need help? Drop into your local mycar for a full check of your car alternator and battery.

How do I find alternator repairs near me?

With over 275 stores Australia-wide you’re sure to find a mycar store nearby for alternator repairs. With stores located in major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

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