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Is it grinding and whining through every gear change, or failing to engage the moment you leave first? Maybe your car transmission has the shakes, shivering through third, before slipping back to second or the engine light blinked on yesterday and you have no idea what’s wrong. Avoid an unplanned transmission replacement cost and schedule a transmission service with your local mycar experts.

Give gear stickiness the slip with a regular car transmission service schedule.

The average auto transmission lasts 170,000 kilometers of highway or suburban driving or around 10 years from the first time your car meets the road fresh from the showroom… as long as you invest in professional care and maintenance. A regular automatic transmission service plan will ensure a good gear box doesn’t suddenly turn sticky or unresponsive, locking down your automatic transmission’s longevity and ensuring you remain safe on the road.

Get in touch with your local mycar experts and detail a plan that’s right for your car, commute and annual distance - we know no two car owners are the same, and while the vehicles they drive come from factories, the lives they lead are as unique as they are, meaning the wear and tear on the transmission will depend on how often, how far and where they travel. We take care of people… and auto transmissions.

Be car smart and schedule an automatic transmission service today. Speak to a mycar automatic transmission specialist.

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6 signs you'll soon need an automatic transmission repair

You can’t get by with a bad transmission. Your car relies on this powerhouse to ramp up engine torque and power your wheels with considerable amounts of power and energy, according to specific gear ratios. If your auto transmission is struggling with these common automatic transmission problems, a transmission repair, replacement or rebuilt may be on the cards:

  • Hesitation or transmission refusal: Gear transitions have slowed down or become halted, taking a while for the next gear to engage.
  • New, strange sounds: Not every car sings the same tune when something is wrong, so keep your ear out for humming, whining, clunking or buzzing.
  • Transmission fluid leaks: Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) serves multiple functions within an auto transmission; without it friction increases, components overheat and the gears lose engagement. Keep an eye out for black or red transmission fluid - this is a sign you need to contact mycar immediately.
  • Trembles, shakes and grinding: If your car is shaking, trembling or grinding during a routine gear change, something is wrong. While engines and transmission mounts can sometimes be the simple (and less expensive) cause of these issues, only a professional check will reveal what's truly going on.
  • Burning transmission fluid: You can sniff out the smell of burning transmission fluid, but there is no evidence of a leak anywhere - your ATF is probably overheating. Burned oil equals bad oil, as it can no longer lubricate, manage heat or shift gears. Remember, the odour is closer to burning rubber than charred oil.
  • Illuminated engine light: Do not ignore your car's early warning system - get in touch with a mycar auto transmission repair specialist and minimise your final costs.

If your transmission is noisy in neutral, slipping out of gears or failing to change gears, give us a call on 13 13 28 and our experienced mechanics will step you through an initial diagnosis before meeting you and your vehicle face-to-face.

Does your car shake, grind or struggle to slide into third? Speak to an automatic transmission expert. 

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How much does a transmission replacement cost?

More than regular servicing! At mycar, we believe preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid the expense of a total transmission replacement or rebuild, ensuring sludge and metal components aren’t breaking down and impacting the hydraulics, among other common and not so common issues.

The precise cost of caring for your automatic transmission may vary, but we’ve created this helpful table below to give you a general idea of what you may be looking at should you need more than a service.

  Transmission Replacement Automatic Transmission Repair Auto Transmission Service Price
Servicing     $150-500
Basic   $200-$500  
Complex   $1000+  
Extensive $5000+ $5000+  

Transparent pricing, easy payment

At mycar, we care about your car and your wallet. We believe everybody should have access to safe and reliable transmission repair, so once you’ve received a detailed diagnosis, a mycar transmission specialist will take you through our quoting process. If you’re having trouble finding the money upfront, that’s okay, auto transmissions can be expensive to repair or replace. We’ve partnered with ZipPay, helping everyday drivers handle unexpected car costs in easy to pay installments without maxing out credit cards.


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