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Has your car engine had its day? Is it giving a good chug-chug-chug and then nothing? We’re here to help you decide between a car engine replacement and a car engine repair. While some cars suddenly go into cardiac arrest without a sign or clue something is wrong, most vehicles flood your nostrils with strange odours before stalling, misfiring or refusing to turn over. Get ahead of an engine replacement and book a car engine service with mycar.

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Your car engine has flatlined…now what?

What happens next depends on what went wrong. Pick up the phone or get in touch with your local store and speak with an experienced car engine specialist. Not only will calling first save you time, but it will ensure we have the right person on-site to run a full diagnostic of your vehicle. Once we identify the issue (or issues), we’ll talk you through the process of either repairing or replacing your engine, including a qualified estimate for the whole job.

What does a car engine replacement include?

Replacing an engine is not as simple as pulling out the old engine and slotting in a new one. Our diagnostic process may pick up a number of other parts that need to be changed over or at the very least repaired, so you don’t face further issues after your car leaves our garage with a new engine under the hood. Your mechanic will look at things such as:

  • Power steering
  • Transmission
  • Engine cooling system
  • Cabin air conditioner
  • Charging and starting systems
  • Sensors and relays

Remember: The age of your car can impact the type of engine we can source. New and recent cars will be fitted with a brand new engine, while older models will likely require a secondhand or refurbished engine from another car. We’ll discuss these options with you before any work begins!

How much does an engine replacement cost?

There are a wide range of factors that will affect the cost of your engine replacement. We recommend bringing your car into mycar for a throughout diagnosis and we will provide you with a quote on getting you back on the road safely.

It’s a lot of unexpected money no matter how you slice it. Because we believe everybody should have access to a working vehicle, mycar has partnered with Zip to ensure your payments are flexible, manageable and easy to budget. We also accept cash, debit and credit payments if you want to pay for the cost upfront.

How long does it take to remove and replace an engine?

An average engine replacement will take 10-12 hours to complete, usually over the course of two business days. This will typically include:

  • Check the engine mounts for wear and damage; replace if needed
  • Check components such as clutch, transmission, joints and bearings, and repairing as required
  • Assemble new engine with accessories, spark plugs, sensors, oil filters, etc and fit engine into car
  • Install new oxygen sensor, coolant temperature sensor and thermostat, belts and hoses

If there is any delay in getting parts for your car, your technician will let you know as early as possible.

Is it time to schedule an engine repair?

Many problems that cause engine failure, if caught early, can be nipped in the bud with an engine repair service. Some of the signs you should be looking out for include:

  • Increased exhaust smoke, or smoke pouring from under the bonnet
  • Knocking sounds within the engine bay
  • Car losing power while driving
  • Metal shavings found while replacing oil

All of these warrant immediate attention as they signal that the engine is being damaged.


Car engine Q&A


Are engines repairable?

Depending on the amount of damage that has already happened and the components involved, it may be possible to repair the engine rather than replace it.

Is it worth it to replace an engine?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if engine replacement is worth the investment for your car. How old is the car and what would be the cost to replace it? If the engine would cost more to replace than the car is worth, it may be time to look for a new vehicle. However, there may be other reasons to pursue an engine upgrade, such as sentimental value. For newer cars that are still worth a bit, sourcing a new engine may be cheaper than splashing out on a new car.

Does replacing an engine reset mileage?

Engine replacement will not change the car’s odometer reading. Your mechanic will make a note of the odometer reading at the time of replacement; if a secondhand engine is fitted and has its odometer reading available, this will also be noted. It is important that your car’s odometer is not changed during an engine replacement, as it is indicative of how much wear and tear the rest of the vehicle has experienced - not just the motor.

How does the engine of a car work?

Modern car engines are referred to as “internal combustion engines”, meaning that within the body of the engine, a mixture of fuel and air are burned to produce a small burst of energy. This energy pushes a piston that is housed within a fixed cylinder. The piston pushes the crankshaft; a series of usually four pistons will move in turn to create a full revolution of the crankshaft. Through a system of gears, this crankshaft movement will cause the wheels to rotate.

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