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Owning an electric car is environmentally positive, but there’s a big learning curve when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Long story short, you need an electric car mechanic who understands the finer details and requirements of an electric car engine. Roll into mycar and meet our specialist electric car mechanics and keep your electric vehicle charging on and on and on.

Electric car repairs are smarter at mycar

Do electric cars really have simple engines? Yes, but also no. EVs hide sophisticated systems that require an experienced electric car mechanic to make heads or tails of any issues. When something goes wrong, it’s not something you’ll want to tackle yourself. After completing a detailed inspection, your dedicated mycar team will provide a comprehensive quote on all repairs required to get your electric car zooming again. This means you will know exactly what your repair will cost up front, with no nasty surprises on the final bill.

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We know you’re almost certainly pushed for time, so we’ve made the appointment process easy on your calendar and your bank balance. Call your nearest mycar service centre and talk to one of trained mechanics about your needs - once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll book you in.

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Does an electric vehicle ever need a repair?

Yes! Every car requires maintenance and repair - fuel, diesel, hybrid or electric - outside fuel source specifics, your sustainable EV still has parts, pipes and electronics that can corrode and impact the safety of your family.

At mycar, we believe a regularly serviced vehicle is a safe vehicle, no matter what’s under the hood. While the differences between combustion engines and EV engines may extend the period of time between repairs and maintenance, no car is immune to issues.

Common EV repair and maintenance hiccups include:

  • Tyre issues - every car should have an annual tyre rotation, but EVs need a little extra attention due to the pressure, weight and torque differences.
  • Brake fluid, pads and discs - falling behind on regular brake fluid flushes and disc checks could spell disaster for your stopping power. Let us handle the complicated bits!
  • Coolant changes - if EVs aren’t packing a combustion engine, why should you bother with coolants? In short order, these essential liquids stop your battery from overheat and reducing life span.

Is something wrong, but you’re not sure what? Don’t wait to find out. Call mycar today and our specialists will answer all of your questions. Drive safely and drive often!

How does an Electric car engine work?

All cars operate on the energy required to move the motor, triggering a chain reaction in the driveshaft and tyres. In an electric car, fuel is replaced by electrons, stored in a lithium-ion battery, holding more energy in less space without losing or leaking power giving liquid. Transferring the rotational energy from the battery and motor to the wheels provides instant response of acceleration, controlled by the pedals, making transmission automatic so no need for gear changes. How good is that!

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No need to wait for a EV car repair with our payment options

Our mycar mechanics know EV car repairs can be expensive, particularly if you haven’t had time to pull together a fix-it-fast budget. If you’re short on cash and you need a part replaced or repaired ASAP, don’t worry about scrounging the money or cutting corners at home - pay the total cost of your car repair in affordable monthly chunks with Zip Pay. Safety and certainly shouldn’t cost you the earth.

We also offer ZipPay making it more convenient and affordable to pay for your car repair.


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