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mycar technicians are experts in steering servicing or repairs. Your power steering is one of the most used parts of your car and it is vital that it is kept in great working order to keep you and your family safe on the road.

The steering system of your car is made up of pumps, drive belts, valves, hoses and seals and they all need to be working correctly for you to get the best out of your car’s steering.

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Our mechanics are experts in servicing and repairing your power steering, and are happy to discuss any concerns you may have. They will get as many details as possible from you over the phone and provide you with some guidance on what may be wrong, before you head in for a more thorough diagnosis.

Why call first? We like to get an understanding of potential issues before you come in, this makes sure that we have the right people on hand to diagnose your car and that we book you in for the right amount of time.

What about cost? Once we’ve made our diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed quote, highlighting how much everything costs and when you can expect your car to be back on the road again.

Signs of an issue with your steering

  • Difficulty in turning the steering wheel
  • Vibration when holding the steering wheel while driving
  • Grinding noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Steering wheel slips when holding it or turning
  • Steering feels loose
  • Car pulls to one side
  • Screeching noise when turning the wheel

How much does a steering repair cost?

The cost to repair your steering varies dependent on what the problem is. We recommend bringing your car into mycar for a throughout diagnosis and we will provide you with a quote on getting you back on the road safely.


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