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Our experts can organise at your convenience an expert to replace your windscreen at any of our mycar stores. With 260 stores located around Australia, a windscreen replacement is only a stone throw away (which is what got you into this mess in the first place)!

Is there anything worse? Driving along and a rock hits the windscreen and a crack appears. In most cases a windscreen crack will mean that you will require a windscreen replacement, only about 20% can have a windscreen repair.

We put people first which means that you can trust our quality workmanship when it comes to replacing your windscreen. Our windscreen replacement experts can get rid of that annoying crack or chip in your windscreen fast.

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When does a windscreen need replacing over a repair?

The windscreen is an important safety features of your car, in only 20% of cases can a windscreen be repaired, the majority of the time a full replacement is needed. The difference between the two is the size of the damage and the location. For repair, the damage to be smaller than a 10 cent coin, and not within 5cm of the edge of the windscreen or within not in the driver’s direct line of vision. However, if the damage doesn’t fit these requirements or the structure of the glass has been impeded a full windscreen replacement will be required.

It is important to note however that when a windscreen is damaged, the longer you drive with it you take the risk that they crack my grow, or a chip may turn into a crack. It is important to get an auto glass expert to inspect the damage soon after noticing the damage, as it may save you a costly windscreen replacement in the long run.

How much does a new windscreen cost?

The cost of a new windscreen replacement really depends on the make and model of your car. Some modern cars have technology, like rain sensors, built into the windscreen and this impacts the price of the replacement. Replacement windscreens can range from $250 to well over $1000. The cost to you will also be impacted on whether you are covered for windscreen replacement by your insurer (you will need to contact your car insurer for more information).

mycar prides itself on being transparent about price, so call your local store and we will organise a quote on the windscreen replacement.

How do I find a windscreen replacement near me?

We have over 260 locations around Australia, including all capital cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, meaning that fixing your windscreen replacement is not far away.

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