Number plates and identification

Last updated 28/01/2020

In this section, you’ll find information about everything from licence plate standards through to engine and rules for non-standard and left hand drive vehicles.

Vehicle identification

You were probably aware that every motorised vehicle on the road in Australia needs to have a number plate, but did you know that it must also feature an individual engine identification number that’s clearly stamped, embossed or otherwise permanently marked on it?

Horns, tinting and windscreen wipers

Motor vehicles must be fitted with a horn or device that can give a sufficiently audible warning to other road users and pedestrians, but items such as sirens, bells, exhaust whistles and repeater horns are generally not allowed.

If you’re considering tinted windows, then it’s worth being aware of the rules surrounding ‘luminous transmittance’ (how see-through the tint is), and of course you must ensure that your windscreen wipers meet a series of operational and moisture-removal rules.

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Please note: Requirements vary, depending on the car make and model, and the state or territory in which you drive, so it's important to check with your local motor authority if you have any questions.

More about car safety:

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