Recession-proof your car

Last updated 02/02/2020

De-clutter your car.

Starting with the car boot. We often use our car to store stuff that could live in the garage. It’s especially worth looking out for heavier items that weigh the car down and make you use more petrol. Remember also to remove all other unnecessary extra weights from the rest of the car, including roof racks when not in use.

Pump action.

The difference between fuel can be quite a few cents per litre, so visiting a cheaper local petrol station could mean a saving of $100 a year. Obviously, don't roam too far when shopping around otherwise your saving could be wiped out by the extra time and fuel wasted driving around.

The pressure should be ‘on’.

Check your tyre pressures are as per the vehicle guidelines, underinflated tyres use more fuel and cause extra tyre wear and tear. Over inflation on the other hand can result in a harsh ride, uneven wear patterns and increased risk of tyre impact damage.

TIP: mycar can advise on the right make, models and treads of tyres to suit your car and ensure a smooth ride.

Stay fluid.

Fluid levels should be regularly checked to save on expensive repairs down the track.

There are many components of the vehicle that require a certain type of fluid to keep the motor engine running efficiently i.e. Engine oil, radiator coolant, washer bottle water, power steering and brake fluid.

Keep your car in shape.

As long as your car is in good mechanical order there is no need to endure the added expense of mechanical repairs, trading up or buying a new vehicle. Find your nearest mycar store online and book in for a car service today to keep your vehicle in top gear.

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