Car squealing…is it time for new Brake Pads?

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The brake specialists at mycar can check and replace your brake pads at one of our 270 convenient locations around Australia. Your brake pads are an important safety feature of your car, so it is important to have them checked and replaced regularly.

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Our mechanics are experts in replacing brake pads and are happy to discuss any concerns you may have. They will get as many details as possible from you over the phone and provide you with some guidance on what may be wrong, before you head in for a more thorough diagnosis.

Why call first? We like to get an understanding of potential issues before you come in, this makes sure that we have the right people on hand to diagnose your car and that we book you in for the right amount of time.

What about cost? Once we’ve made our diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed quote, highlighting how much everything costs and when you can expect your car to be back on the road again.

Signs that you need brake pad replacement

Brake pads usually last around 45,000 – 60,000km, but this depends on the type of driving that you have been doing. Signs that you may need new brake pads include:

  • Brake warning light on the dash comes on
  • You notice it takes longer to slow down
  • Your brakes feel spongey
  • You can hear a squealing or grinding noise when slowing down

How much does brake pad replacement cost?

The cost to replace your brake pads is dependent on your car make and model, however on average to replace your front brake pads it costs between $150 and $350.

We recommend bringing your car into your local mycar technician to check your brake pads and we will provide you with a quote. Plus, we offer payment options like Zip Pay meaning you can get back on the road faster.


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