Is your car air conditioning sizzling for all of the wrong reasons?

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Australia’s warm climate makes a working car air conditioner a bare essential of any trip longer than five minutes. From hot summers to sweaty spring air, the last thing you need is an unscheduled car aircon regas, and yet, it happens, usually without much warning. At mycar, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop car air conditioning service provider, performing the necessary work without passing the buck or taking too many from your wallet to boot.

From a straightforward car aircon service, to complex system repairs or a car air conditioning regas, few things stop us getting you back on the road. Our customers drive away cooler, comfortable and confident in their car.

Savour the feeling of cool air on a hot day.

Car Airconditioning service and repairs require the attention of a specialist, and your local store will use there expert network and allocate the right person to the job. Not all mycar stores provide this service, so be sure to call ahead and discuss with your local technician before heading in store.

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We’ll Diagnose Your Auto Air Conditioning Issue on the Phone…

...or at least get the process started! If your car air conditioner smells, blows hot air or doesn’t work at all, our specialist technicians will be on hand to help. Simply tell us what’s wrong, or if you don’t know, describe the symptoms your senses have detected before coming in. While we love visitors, this initial phone to phone step helps us plan who does what, getting your car air conditioning fixed faster.

How much does a car air conditioning repair and car aircon regas cost? While we’d love to give you a quote here and now, the repair or regas price depends on the issue detected. You can rest assured knowing that once we’ve made our diagnosis, you’ll receive a detailed quote, highlighting how much everything costs and when you can expect your car to be road trip ready again.

If you decide to not go ahead with the repairs, you can expect to pay a small diagnosis fee, this covers the cost of the regas required to diagnose the issue - a mycar technician will discuss this with you before you bring your car in.

Having trouble finding enough budget to fund an emergency car aircon regas? mycar believes everybody should have access to affordable car repairs, teaming with Zip Pay to bring everyday commuters a smarter way to pay. Don’t stress about taking out loans or borrowing money, pay in manageable and predictable instalments instead.

Car air conditioning issues making you hot under the collar? Leave it to mycar

  • We’re honest.
  • We’re experienced.
  • We’re up-front on about costs.
  • We guarantee our workmanship.
  • We’re on your side.

How do I find a car air conditioning service or regas near me?

With over 260 stores Australia-wide you’re sure to find a mycar store nearby for air conditioning repairs and air conditioning regas. With stores located in major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.


Get that cool air blowing again. Chat to your local mycar Store Manager

How do I know if my air conditioning needs repairing?

If you look at cars as just a mode of transport, sometimes it is hard to know what to say to an expert. Instead of googling it, think about all the reasons you think there may be something wrong with the air conditioning in your car. Our auto experts will be able to follow your train of thought, listening and asking questions where appropriate before making diagnostic recommendations.

Do you need a little help describing what’s wrong with your car? Check out our list of symptoms and diagnostic conversation starters to get your brain ticking over.

  • My car aircon doesn’t seem to as cool as it used to be
  • Even though the dial is turned to cool, hot air is blowing out
  • There is a funny smell coming from the vents
  • There is a sound, that disappears when I turn it off
  • There is a hissing sound coming from the exhaust.
  • The air flow is weak even when it is set on high

Our auto-savvy mycar representatives are always on hand to listen to any concerns you may have, so if you are unsure, please pick up the phone and talk to your local store.

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