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If things are heating up under the hood or the tailpipe is puffing out billows of white smoke, you may have blown a head gasket. While it’s not what any car owner wants to hear, with mycar you can be assured your ride is in safe hands. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem and treat it properly.

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When should you schedule a head gasket repair?

While we always recommend anything to do with your car be left to the professionals, here are a few things you can do to text for a blown head gasket before rolling into your local mycar mechanic.

How test for a blown head gasket

1. Check for bubbling in your radiator - bubbling equals bad news

2. Check your engine oil for signs of coolant

3. Have you spotted an excess of white smoke billowing from your exhaust? Yes? You may have blown a head gasket

4. Check your spark plugs for signs of oil or coolant - take note of anything you see and report it to your mycar mechanic

5. Check the floor for oil or coolant leaks

How much does head gasket repair cost?

Repairing a head gasket is much cheaper than replacing it altogether. The chemical solution used for the repairs isn’t nearly as expensive as purchasing a whole new gasket. You also have to factor in labour costs. Putting in a whole new gasket requires someone to dismantle your engine to remove and replace the broken component.

How much does head gasket replacement cost?

Head gasket replacement is a big and time-consuming job that typically lands a bill upwards of $1,200. While this might not be your preferred outcome, you can rest-assured our professional technicians at mycar will work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards of care. You will get the best value service for money that will have you back on the road even faster.


Head Gasket Q&As

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Can you fix a head gasket without replacing it?

In some cases, depending on the extent of the damage and how quickly your car overheats, it may be possible to repair a head gasket with a chemical-based product, rather than replacing it. As you might expect, this is a much cheaper option that will save you from forking out the big bucks. At mycar, we always check whether or not your head gasket can be saved before jumping in to replace the part altogether.

Is a head gasket worth replacing?

The head gasket is a vital component of your car’s engine. While the car may continue to run for some time with a blown head gasket, the engine will inevitably begin to suffer irreparable damage. The head gasket is responsible for keeping coolant and lubrication fluids in, and dirt and debris out. Without an effectively sealed gasket, the engine may overheat and warp or suffer friction damage from dirt working into the moving parts.

When deciding whether it is worth replacing a head gasket, car owners should consider the age and value of their car, versus the cost of buying a new car. In some cases where the vehicle is older, a blown head gasket may signal the time to upgrade to a newer model.

What to expect after head gasket replacement

Ideally your car will be running like new after a head gasket replacement. The team at mycar will run a number of tests and checks to see if any engine damage can be detected before sending you on your way. Of course, if you continue to notice signs of overheating after the head gasket has been replaced, then bring your car back and we will investigate further and talk you through your options. There’s a small chance that engine damage can snuck in under the radar, but rest-assured this is rare! Once your head gasket is replaced, your car is ready to go.

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