Cars don't forget to check the spare tyre before a
road trip. People do.



Road Trip Ready Audio Guides

Make the journey more enjoyable and remember your pre-trip car checks before you head out. We’ve partnered with TV and radio personalities Grant and Chezzi Denyer to bring you a series of audio guides - perfect for on-the-road entertainment when your travel playlist just won’t cut it.

Audio guides for parents
Audio guides for couples & friends

We know thousands of families and friends hit the road every year, seeking new adventures or visiting loved ones on the weekend and during holidays. And yet, 61% of Australians ignore small problems like squeaky brakes, leaking fluid or a sticky transmission, pushing back pre-road trip inspections to after the getaway has already happened.

Reflecting on our own driving experiences made us realise just how stressful and unpredictable road trips can be. mycar’s Road Trip Ready inspection and audio guides will hopefully take some of the guesswork out of your next trip with added peace of mind and some light-hearted relief.

— Grant Denyer

Free Road Trip Ready inspection

We launched our free Road Trip Ready inspection over the 2020/2021 Christmas holidays, inviting our customers to drop into one of our 265+ national stores and let our expert mechanics and auto electricians:


Check engine oil level


Check car coolant levels


Top up washer fluid


Check windscreen wipers


Check car lights (exterior and interior)


Clean windscreen


Check tyre condition and pressures


Check spare tyre condition and pressure


Check jack and wheel brace
(in place and ready for use)

If you’re planning a road-trip this year, and it’s been a while between car services, roll into your local mycar store for a Road Trip Ready Inspection.

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