Last updated 04/01/2020

Obviously, having brakes that function properly is something that every driver considers a priority. Here’s some information on how your brakes should be safely manufactured, fitted and serviced

Performance standards

There are several aspects to ensuring brake safety, including:

  • Brake performance on dry, smooth, level road surfaces
  • Brake performance in difficult weather conditions
  • Required stopping distances and times depending on the mass (in tonnes) of the vehicle
  • Ability to hold the vehicle stationary on gradients

Keeping your brakes safe

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service has experienced technicians who can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and advise you on all necessary repairs and service items. We use only the most trusted brands, and all our work is backed by our industry-leading, Australia-wide guarantee.

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Please note: Requirements vary, depending on the car make and model, and the state or territory in which you drive, so it's important to check with your local motor authority if you have any questions.

More about car safety:

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