Inside Your Car

mycar Advice for inside your car, provides a guide on all the different parts of your car, how to maintain them and what to watch out for that indicates a problem. If you don’t live and breathe cars, this guide will provide you with the basics and tips to make sure your car remains in top shape.

Inside Your Car 2 June 2022

Why is your car losing power?

  Is your car not responding how it should? If you’re trying to put the pedal to the metal, ...

Inside Your Car 30 May 2022

Car Parts 101: Rotors and brake pads

  Does your car squeal in protest each time you hit the brakes? While some noise doesn’t ...

Inside Your Car 19 April 2022

5 Signs Your Starter Motor Problem Will Lead to Starter Motor Failure

  The car’s packed, the boat and trailer are hooked up and you’ve finally managed to ...

How to clean your car seats

  From general dust and dirt to crumbs to that takeaway lunch you munched on the go, car seats...

Can you do your own brake pad replacement?

  It might seem obvious, but the importance of keeping your brakes in top condition can’t be...

Inside Your Car 24 November 2021

Everything you need to know about car batteries

  Responsible for delivering a zap of electricity to get you moving, your car battery is the ...

Inside Your Car 8 September 2021

Does car aircon use petrol

We’ve all been there. It’s a scorching hot day and all you want is a cool breeze to take the...

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