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We own cars not only to commute to and from work, but also to take us on those weekend adventures. mycar Weekend helps you with just that, with ideas on which roadtrips to go on, and tips to make them more safe and enjoyable. Or if you prefer a weekend at home, we have a number of DIY projects that you can do in the comfort of your backyard.

How to wash a car top to bottom

  Your car is grubby enough to sketch a whole scene on the back window. Maybe it was some off-...

How to clean your car seats

  From general dust and dirt to crumbs to that takeaway lunch you munched on the go, car seats...

How to choose a driving instructor

  Learning to drive is no easy task. You’re always thinking about the road rules, other ...

mycar Weekend 2 February 2021

How to Make a Sandpit from an Old Tyre

Spice up your backyard with a mini sandpit upcycling project that’s great for the planet and great...

mycar Weekend 1 June 2020

Reach for the Stars

Feel like a road trip and a few nights under the stars? Head for one of these top camping spots...

mycar Weekend 1 June 2020

Go Bathurst

Follow in the tread marks of some of Australia’s racing greats and have your own circuit ...

mycar Weekend 1 June 2020

Road Trip Top 10 Safety Tips

  Be prepared for your next trip away with the family and tick off the following safety ...

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