How to make a sandpit from an old tyre

Last updated 02/02/2021

Spice up your backyard with a mini sandpit upcycling project that’s great for the planet and great for the family. Your kids will be playing in their new sandpit in no time.

You can either follow our easy video guide or step by step instructions below, where we show you how to repurpose your old tyres into a eco-friendly fun mini kids sandpit, it’s a quick and easy project that your kids will enjoy for years! Plus, it doesn't take up alot of space like traditional sandpits.

Mini Kids Sandpit

What you will need

  • An old tyre
  • Paint (we used white, but pick any colour)
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloth
  • Sandpit sand – pick up a bag at your local hardware store
  • Kids sandpit toys
  • Kids or fun loving adults

Steps to make your Upcycled sandpit

Step 1: Pick a colour

Pick a colour to suit – it may be your kid's favourite colour, something bright or something to go with your house.

Step 2: Paint the tyre

Make sure to paint in a location away from anything you don’t want to get paint on, or put down a drop sheet. There are many different options on how to paint the tyre - you can spray paint it, hydro dip it, or give the kids a packet of crayons and let them get carried away. We chose to use a wide paint brush, more than one coat may be necessary depending on the finish required.

Step 3: Let the paint dry

Follow the instructions on your chosen paint for dry times, as it may vary.

Step 4: Position the sandpit and add the base

Find a place in your yard or deck for your mini sandpit and place a drop sheet at the bottom, to prevent the sand going everywhere. If you plan to move your sandpit around, you may want to chose something more solid for the base.

Step 5: Add the sandpit sand

Now that your tyre is ready, add enough sand to fill to the top edge of the tyre. Tap the side of the tyre to make the sand settle, add more sand if required.

Step 6: Add toys and kids

Your sandpit is ready to go, just add some sandpit toys and kids (or fun loving adults) and let the fun begin!

Watch our video on - How to make a sandpit from an old tyre

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