What does a comprehensive vehicle inspection include?

The inspection will include everything the manufacturer specifies and is required for the logbook service. Everything below, and much much more!

  • 1. Test drive

    The engine, drivetrain, brakes and suspension in your vehicle will be tested to ensure that they are up to standard.

  • 2. Operational check

    The standard components of your vehicle such as seat belts, lights, wipers including washers and arm mechanism, horn will be inspected. The air/cabin filters and housing will also be checked.

  • 3. Digital battery check

    Your battery will be tested and printed results will be provided.

  • 4. Vehicle digital diagnostic scan

    A complete electronic diagnostic scan, with forefront equipment.

  • 5. Inspection of underbody

    A visual inspection will be conducted for leaks from your engine, exhaust system, fuel line and gearbox.

  • 6. Tyre pressure and tread wear check

    The condition, pressure and tread wear of your tyres (including the spare) will be inspected to ensure that it is up to the legal standard.

  • 7. Brake wear recommendation

    A precise measurement can be provided to you. This will also include a fluid condition check.

  • 8. Suspension system check

    Joints and bearings in your vehicle will be checked for any leaks.

  • 9. Final assessment of vehicle

    The wheels are cross checked and a final road test is performed to ensure quality of the service and operations performed.

Compare Servicing

Is your car under 10 years old?

Is your car’s odometer reading under 150,000 KM's?

We recommend a logbook service.

We recommend a basic service.

Logbook service

What we recommend as it ensures your car gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Equal to giving your car a spa day.

  • Includes the checks, work and part replacements recommended by the car's manufacturer at specific times, often referred to as a scheduled service.
  • Increase vehicle resale value as it shows you look after your car.
  • It will also keep your new car warranty for newbies, for added peace of mind.
Basic servicing

At mycar we call these our Basic Services, but you might know it as a minor or fixed price service.

  • Includes an 86 point safety check, new engine oil and a new oil filter.
  • We'll report on anything needed to keep your car (Betty? Bruce? Cassandra?) in tip top shape, even if they are starting to show their age.

Turn to your mycar ACT Roadworthy Certificate Specialists for all your RWC needs

The ambling city streets and open countryside of this political seat of Australia make for pleasant driving. We’re talking, of course, about the Australian Capital Territory. For drivers living in the nation’s capital city, Canberra, there are certain situations where you will need to get a roadworthy certificate (RWC). At mycar, we’ll typically have your inspection sorted within 2-4 hours, and offer a range of payment options including cash, debit, credit and ZipPay.

Book your roadworthy certificate in Canberra with mycar

mycar are roadworthy experts, ready to help out if your vehicle needs its pink slip. Canberra locals turn to mycar for professional service and genuine customer care. All our licensed testers are qualified and experienced, with thorough knowledge of the inspection process, so you can trust your car is in great hands. If there are any problem areas that need to be dealt with before the car can be declared roadworthy, we’ll let you know upfront and walk you through what happens next.

Find local Roadworthy Certificate in ACT

When you need a roadworthy, Canberra mycar are the best in the business

Locals from the Deakin region love that the team are always helpful and more than willing to take the time to answer questions and explain each step of the roadworthy process. They know ACT roadworthy certificate requirements inside and out, making them your first choice. Conveniently located in the heart of Canberra, the shop is only a short walk from public transport options, so you can go about your day while they carry out the inspection.

Looking for a different store closer to home? Find your local mycar here.



How to obtain a roadworthy certificate ACT

On average, a RWC will set you back about $65 in the ACT, with additional costs if repairs are needed. As with all states, the ACT government has a list of items that need to be up to standard in order to be considered roadworthy. Your mycar service technician will check for things such as:

mycar are your Canberra roadworthy certificate professionals

Living in the ACT and looking to get a roadworthy inspection? Canberra mycar are the people to turn to when you need highly competent, customer-oriented technicians to give a clear and honest report of your car and help manage any repairs or maintenance that needs to be carried out before a certificate can be issued.

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