Everything you need to know about low profile tyres

Looking for the perfect blend of form and function? Maybe you should consider a low profile tyre that gives your car a luxurious and sporty look. Whilst these tyres look amazing, they also handle and perform exceedingly well! Low profile tyres never compromise a smooth, comfortable ride for greater grip, making them ideal for a long Sunday drive.

With a lower side profile and soft, grippy rubber, low profile tyres give your car superior steering response and are perfect when it comes to touring scenic drives, especially around sharp corners. Wider treads grab and hold the road, ideal for cruising down a long and winding trail. However, an aggressive driving style and frequent cornering can cause accelerated wear on a softer low profile tyre, resulting in reduced tyre mileage.

What are low profile tyres and should you invest in a set?

Want improved handling and a snazzy look, without breaking the bank? Consider investing in a set of low profile tyres that tick all the boxes. With similar benefits to their high performance cousin, the low profile tyres price is much more affordable, so if you’re on a budget but need optimal performance, low profile tyres are the perfect middle ground.

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  • Free Tyrelife Saver Program that will help extend the life of your tyres on purchases of two or more

What do low profile tyres cost?

Low profile tyres are the cheaper option for a great looking tyre with excellent performance and handling. The advantage of purchasing your low profile tyres from mycar is that we can offer unbeatable prices on all your favourite tyre brands. On average you can expect to pay $100-$300 for your regular, all season low profile tyre. Need a quote for your car? Put in your rego above.

Low profile tyres vs normal tyres

The main difference between normal and low profile tyres is size and performance. Low profile tyres have a slimmer appearance with wider treads for enhanced steering and traction. If you’re using your car to get from A to B a normal tyre will do, but if you want an exhilarating drive with a smarter look, opt for a low profile tyre.

Can you change low profile tyres to normal tyres?

Switching to low profile tyres can be done if your current wheel size is a match. A lower profile tyre requires a larger rim base to account for the shorter profile. Smaller rims would need a full wheel replacement, involving extensive tuning to get your low profile tyres in sync with your car’s computer.

Tyre Care Plan
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Tyre care plan

  • Continental Tyres
  • Pirelli Tyres
  • Kumho Tyres
  • Goodyear Tyres
  • Viking Tyres
  • Diamondback Tyres
Other tyre brands
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  • BFGoodrich Tyres
  • Michelin Tyres
  • Dunlop Tyres
  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • GoodYear Tyres

Get low profile tyres in the sizes you need

You want your low profile tyres to turn heads but not stick out like a sore thumb. To get that sleek, sporty look with superior handling you need get the perfect fit for your low profile tyres. At mycar we stock a full range of low profile tyre sizes in all leading brands.


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