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Our Melbourne mobile tyre fitting service is temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, our in-store tyre experts are ready to fit a broad range of tyres in-store, ensuring your daily commute is safe and smooth from the moment you leave your local workshop. Find a mycar near you today.

Whether it’s a repair on an existing tyre or a whole new set of wheels, you can rely on mycar to get you back on the road without ever checking into a service centre. At home or at the office, we’ll meet you at your location to provide our top-quality tyre services.

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This is a brand new offering we are gradually rolling out across Australia. Bear with us whilst we get it to you!

At mycar, we are passionate about providing a premium service. That’s why we only hire experienced professionals who can be relied on to do the job right, every time. Your service technician will make a thorough assessment of the health of your tyres and advise you of any unexpected wear and tear or problem spots they might find. This is particularly important with puncture repairs, as it can save you a major headache down the track if problems are picked up early.

The first step with a puncture repair is to pull the tyre off the rim. The technician can then inspect the tyre closely for damage. If the puncture is relatively small and located on the flat surface of the tyre, a sealant can be applied that will close up the gap, then the tyre will be fitted back onto the rim and reinflated. If the hole is too large to plug up or has happened in the shoulder or side wall of the tyre, the safest option is to replace the tyre altogether. This can also be done onsite, so there’s no dramas if the tyre can’t be saved.

Tyres are more than just protection for your car’s rims, they’re protection for you – that’s why it’s so important to ensure your tyres are in good condition. Balding or uneven wear make it harder for your vehicle to maintain good contact with the road and increase the chances of skidding. A flat tyre brings the added risk of damaging the rim, turning a simple tyre patch or replacement into an expensive wheel replacement.

At mycar, we believe that your safety comes first; we also believe that prevention is the best cure when it comes to car maintenance and repairs. For this reason, you can trust that our service technicians will always be thorough and honest, taking the time to ensure that your tyres can be safely relied on to get you from A to Z before you drive away.

With a mycar mobile tyre replacement service, we take the stress out of vehicle maintenance. It’s quick, easy and affordable. Want to know more? Here’s a few things you should know about our tyres-to-you service:

  • On average, a complete tyre replacement will take about 30-60 minutes – and you don’t need to hang around while we get the job done
  • You can choose from all of our in-store and premium tyre brands, including Goodyear Optilife, Pirelli, Continental, Kumho, Viking and Diamondback.
  • Our team are available to help you out Mondays to Fridays, from 8am – 5pm
  • To get the job done as smoothly as possible, our service technician will first make sure your vehicle is parked in an optimal location. In general, we need to get our service van within 15 metres of your car, and have a good 75 centimetres or so either side of your car in which to work

Mobile tyre fitting starts from only $29 on top of the cost of the tyres you chose. To make things easier, in addition to the usual payment options, like cash and card, we’ve teamed up with ZipPay to help you spread out those unexpected expenses.

We have a huge range of over 1600 tyres to chose from and you can now purchase your new tyres and book your convenient 1 hour (maximum) mobile tyre fitting all online (our online system will confirm the length of appointment required). Get started now, all you need is your rego.

We recommend also considering a wheel balance while we are fitting your new tyres as this will prevent unnecessary wear. You can include this service online when making your booking.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to one of our tyre experts, we can advise you on the best tyres for your car and take payment over the phone, by calling 1300 774 316.

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Mobile Tyre Fittings are available for same day bookings, subject to availability. Be sure to have your tyres’ measurements handy for the booking. You can find them on the wall of your tyre. Typical code looks like 205/65 R 15 88 W.

Also, have your credit card ready as you’ll pay at the time of booking. We’ll send a reminder text the day before your appointment.

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