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Our Sydney mobile tyre fitters are taking a break - they'll be back on the road at a later date. In the meantime, our in-store tyre experts are ready to fit a broad range of tyres in-store, ensuring your daily commute is safe and smooth from the moment you leave your local workshop. Find a mycar near you today.

If you would rather be sipping world-class latte in a chic beachside café than flipping through magazines at the garage, mycar mobile tyre service has the solution to ensure your plans stay on track. Keep your lunch break free and order new wheels right to your location; at home or at the office, our experienced technicians will come to you, saving you the time and hassle of making a trip in-store.

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This is a brand new offering we are gradually rolling out across Australia. Bear with us whilst we get it to you!

A flat tyre can leave you grounded anywhere, anytime. Thankfully, mycar offers a comprehensive roadside tyre repair and replacement service that will have you on your way again in no time. A technician will come to your location and assess the damage. Often, it’s possible to simply repair the puncture. This is done by popping the tyre off the rim, applying a sealant, then returning the tyre to the rim and pumping it back up. The job will take about 30-45 minutes. For very large punctures, or damage to the shoulder or side wall of the tyre, we will organise to replace the tyre on the spot. We can also rotate and balance the wheels while we’re at it, helping to extend the life of the tyres.

Life is often lived on the go – so don’t let something like worn out tyres keep you grounded. At mycar, we understand that your time is valuable, so we have made it our mission to provide you with a fast and reliable tyre fitting service you can trust. We bring all the perks of a garage service right to your door, so you don’t have to compromise or range: choose from all our premium brand offerings, including Goodyear Optilife, Pirelli, Continental, Kumho, Viking and Diamondback. Our experienced technicians can balance the wheels onsite, helping to extend the life of your new tyres. They will also check for signs of uneven wear, which can be fixed up with a wheel alignment at one of our convenient mycar shop locations.

To ensure the tyre service goes smoothly, our technician will first ensure that your car is parked in an ideal location. We need to ensure that our service truck can pull up within 15 metres of your vehicle, and check that there is around 75 centimetres of clearance on either side of your car to safely get access to the wheels. If there are any problems, your technician will help you move to a more suitable parking spot. From there it takes around 30-60 minutes to carry out the job. Our team of tyre fitting experts are available 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, and we even offer same day bookings (subject to availability), so it has never been simpler to get your worn-out tyres swapped for new ones.

Mobile tyre fitting starts from only $29 on top of the cost of the tyres you chose. To make things easier, in addition to the usual payment options, like cash and card, we’ve teamed up with ZipPay to help you spread out those unexpected expenses.

We have a huge range of over 1600 tyres to chose from and you can now purchase your new tyres and book your convenient 1 hour (maximum) mobile tyre fitting all online (our online system will confirm the length of appointment required). Get started now, all you need is your rego.

We recommend also considering a wheel balance while we are fitting your new tyres as this will prevent unnecessary wear. You can include this service online when making your booking.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to one of our tyre experts, we can advise you on the best tyres for your car and take payment over the phone, by calling 1300 774 316.

Get in touch today and give your car the makeover it deserves with our mobile tyre service

Mobile Tyre Fittings are available for same day bookings, subject to availability. Be sure to have your tyres’ measurements handy for the booking. You can find them on the wall of your tyre. Typical code looks like 205/65 R 15 88 W.

Also, have your credit card ready as you’ll pay at the time of booking. We’ll send a reminder text the day before your appointment.

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